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posted by FredWRules
-harry’s hormones went overdrive when he saw this spankin’ hot qurl from the ravenclaw quidditch team.

-being the teenage boy he is, he didn’t make a di chuyển until it was the yule ball and it turns out that this d00d cedric asked her out.

-then this d00d died and cho was all “bawwww cedric” but somehow she managed to get over all that because of harry’s eternal glory the strategically placed mistletoe. so they kissed.

-then they dated on valentine’s ngày in hogsmeade and cho wanted to be all “baww cedric” in front of harry. but harry, being the hormone-driven infatuated teenager he is, was all ears.

-then it ended when harry đã đưa ý kiến he was meeting hermione, because apparently cho’s the only one allowed to talk about someone else in their relationship.
(This is my first article, so don't be too hard on me, alright?)
Alright, Zanhar1 đã đăng a link a while cách đây with an bài viết bởi a Twilight người hâm mộ stating reasons why she thought Twilight was better than Harry Potter. Well, I saw several flaws in her reasoning (not that hard), and I decided to write an bài viết about things that I thought were wrong about what she was saying. I’ll put a quote from her article, followed bởi my argument.

“Also, Twilight is MUCH thêm creative, I mean, Stephenie Meyer created a new kind of Vampire, instead of just using a stereotypical, Dracula type Vampire.”
And JKR...
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posted by HecateA
*May I make it absolutely, undoubtedly clear that this bài viết is not meant to offend ANYBODY*

Am I the only one who's been wondering how one airbrushes a six-pack on? Anyways I googled it, and I came up with this bài viết from the site TanToday.com. I'm not entirely sure who wrote it :( The only thing I saw is a user called "Editor-in-Chief". bạn can go check if bạn want to make sure.

Getting 6-Pack Abs Without All The Work; Airbrushed Abs Getting được ưa chuộng With Stars


Getting 6-Pack Abs Without All The Work

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posted by emilykuru
BELLA thiên nga _ part 1

Ummm…. What can i say about her………….er…….nothing interesting but i can hiển thị u guys why she spoils the story

1.she is a hopeless char.she degrades herself,

2.she is stupid 2 leave her mom and come to forks when she begs her 2 comeback.

ok! if u guys say that it was because of the tình yêu for renee then it is totally wrong.

which daughter who loved her mom so much as to go 2 the place which she considers
hell just for her moms happiness would forget all about renee when jumping off a cliff to hear edwards voice.
doesnt she always worry in the story that she has...
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posted by emilykuru

edward-bella vs harry-ginny

Edward and bella go to a railway station during one rainy ngày in london. They meet harry and ginny there,

( bella is not changed into a vampire yet )

Edward: bella love, close your eyes please!

Bella: why edward?

(thinks to himself)

Edward : just yesterday I had promised her that she was the prettiest one I have ever seen, but here here is ginny who looks so pretty.
And bella should better stay away from harry, hoặc she will ditch me like jake..

( meanwhile harry is using legilimence when edward is busy thinking )

Harry: well, why am I going to eye a crackpot...
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116. "BTW Twilight is the bestest film ever" I get really frusterated when soomebody compares the films instead off the movies. And whats worse is that bạn arent giving any reasons. "Stop hating, pick-up Twilight, actually read it and bạn will tình yêu it and stop hating Twilight". Has it ever occurred to bạn that twilight haters have read the whole series? Like me? "HP is all around boring and it is made for younger children". I dont understand how Harry Potter can be so boring. Maybe bạn didnt keep up with the amount of action and romance and magic and the mystery. hoặc maybe bạn didnt read...
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posted by harrypotterbest
There is, in the world, a girl called Z-----. thêm commonly known on this website as Best, that is the name that shall be used for this anti story.
Now, when best was 11 years old, she had read all the Harry Potter books, and loved them. I’m talking about waiting for her Hogwarts acceptance letter to come and carving wands. She truly loved the series. In 2009, she went to a wedding. Her aunt there had read the Harry Potter books, except for the last one. She also had a cousin there, who was a huge người hâm mộ of Twilight. Now, at that time, best hadn’t read Twilight. Her aunt was also a huge fan...
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posted by FredWRules
So, one ngày there was this girl, and for the sake of this bài viết she shall be referred to as A.

so anyway, one day, A's sister got được trao a book from a friend. A's sister read đã đưa ý kiến book, then lent it to A, saying it was possibly the best book she'd ever read. This book was Twilight.
so A read the book, slightly skeptical at first, but quickly got hooked. bởi the end of the book, she was a fan.
So, as soon as she found the một giây book, she bought it. A didn't enjoy it as much as she'd enjoyed the first book, but read it all the same.
then for giáng sinh she got được trao Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.
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Let's set the scene before this begins shall we? A girl, we'll call her Ven, is walking trang chủ from school and gets a call from her friend. Ven and đã đưa ý kiến friend have not spoken in a while so they start to ask what the other has been up to. They eventually get into the subject of sách they've read. And that's where this little story starts.

So Ven's friend asks her what her favortie book is. "Oh, that's an easy one." she replies. "Harry Potter of course." her friend laughs and says, "Of course. Well, my yêu thích book series is Twilight."

Ven, having never even heard of the books, makes a confused...
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posted by RavenclawPride
There is this girl, and her name is Danielle.
But, on Fanpop, she is known as RavenclawPride, and that is the name I shall use.

RavenclawPride was in her school one day, and everyone was talking about this new book, and how it was about to be adapted into a movie. Interested, she went to the nearest bookstore and bought the book, which was called Twilight.

She read it, and fell into the craze, getting merchandise for her birthday, talking about it in school everyday, and, when it was released, watched the movie.

To her, the movie was absolute crap. She decided to read the book again to make her...
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posted by ravenclawgirl5
I am currently re-reading Twilight. My friend is making me. It was part of a deal, don't ask. Anyway, I now have just a couple chapters left of it. Here are just a few of the many problems I have with this book:

1) The main reason Edward likes Bella is because she smells good. bạn can't deny it. It is mentioned a million times in the book. Edward's always saying things like, "your smell is so appealing . . . never scented anything like it before . . . I can't stay away . . . " etc. GOODNESS GRACIOUS!

2) The main reason Bella likes Edward is because he is handsome and seemingly flawless, physically,...
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posted by harrypotterbest
Outside, while the wizards and ma cà rồng prepared for battle, Meyer and Rowling had a little chat.
“So…” đã đưa ý kiến Joanne, uncomfortable bởi the dark silence between herself and Meyer. “Nice place bạn got here.” Meyer made no response. Joanne glanced at her. “I heard how Midnight Sun got leaked on the Internet,” she said, hoping to provoke the other tác giả into talking.
“Yeah,” đã đưa ý kiến Meyer, flaring up instantly. “I can’t believe anyone would do such a cruel thing.” J K thought back to the time when her sách had gotten leaked on the net. It wasn’t the best feeling in the world,...
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posted by harrypotterbest
Harry and his friend entered the hotel in high spirits. Hermione, Ron, and Ginny were already there, and one look told them they had been very worried. Ginny glanced at Harry’s wide smile and the newcomer, and said, very icily, “Who is she?” to Harry.
Harry grinned even wider, and J K smiled. “This, Ginny, is the one and only J K Rowling!” He saw their looks of astonishment. “You know,” he added, “she wrote our books!”
“Oh,” đã đưa ý kiến Ginny, sounding rather relieved. Ron laughed.
Hermione looked surprised, but knowing as to why he had brought J K.
“And why did bạn bring...
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posted by harrypotterbest
Crack. The sound of apparation was made in the absolute darkness. Ron clicked the Deluminator, and the first ball of light joined the lamp. He clicked the Deluminator 11 thêm times, and the đường phố, street on which the four Những người bạn were standing was plunged into light once more.
“Thank god Dumbledore gave me this,” whispered Ron.
“Shush!” hissed Hermione.
Harry rolled his eyes. They were using the Disillusionment Charm, so at least they didn’t have to squeeze under the Cloak. Beside him, Ginny was trying not to laugh.
“Come on,” đã đưa ý kiến Harry, sighing. They crept up the đường phố, street and close to...
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posted by harrypotterbest
As Edward and Harry settled the final means of the battle, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny had a talk.
“Who wrote this rubbish?” asked Ron. “Sparkle in the sun, battle with debate, they don’t even drink proper blood!”
Hermione, as usual, was the one to answer. “Ron, everyone knows Stephanie Meyer wrote this ‘rubbish.’ She’s not a very good writer, according to The Daily Prophet, and for once I agree with them,” Hermione rolled her eyes. “At least OUR writer, the brilliant J K Rowling, didn’t make US sparkle in the sun. What nonsense!”
“Do bạn know where this Meyer person...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Chapter 1 part 2
The flight took five hours. It was the longest journey Bella had ever traveled and she was happy enough to have both feet on steady ground again. She walked to the luggage thắt lưng, vành đai and grabbed her luggage, succeeding to pull a few other valises with it. Bella’s face turned red and she put her own luggage on the floor and put the valises that weren’t hers back on the belt. Then she lifted her suitcases again and walked outside.
Outside two people were standing with a huge placard saying ‘Welcome home, Bella’ One of them was waving heavily at her and wanted to run into her...
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I'm tired of repeating myself and other HP những người hâm mộ repeating themselves constantly so here is my opinion on why Harry Potter is better. So bạn don't think I'm being biased, let me tell you: I read Harry Potter when I was 5 and have been a người hâm mộ since (and that shuts down the bình luận that little kids can't read it bởi the way) and when I was 13, I read Twilight (before the bandwagon) and loved it. Then just recently, I got off the Twilight High. So I know how it is to have liked Twilight and to like Harry Potter.

First, we can look at the authors. JK Rowling is the epitome of Rag to Riches. She started...
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posted by TeamSiriusBlack
Luna looked back and shouted, “EXPELLIARMUS!”
The Death Eater’s wand flew out of his hand.
“Nice shot!” Neville said, looking at her impressed. Luna beamed brightly, as the two continued to run. They both slowed as they neared a room filled with smoke. Neville ran in first and Luna followed close behind. They heard shouts coming from every direction.
“CRUCIO!” There was a scream of agony.
The last spell seemed closer and both ducked at the same time. They heard a thud as a body hit the floor. Luna ran over there, despite the spells flying everywhere....
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It’s been a while since i am here in this Harry Potter vs Twilight community. Now, being a die hard Harry Potter người hâm mộ my vote always go for the same, but I feel bởi criticizing any of the two of them is insulting the world of story writing. I give it a thought why this whole Harry Potter vs Twilight thing is started and all that comes to me is a memory of mine. At some point I liked Twilight (though not as much as I am obsessed with Harry Potter). Then one ngày I had an argument with a friend of mine & naturally I sided with Harry Potter but hearing illogical criticism turned me against...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Well,here's my first attempt to a short story :)

“Hey! Stop him! He’s stealing!!!!” the owner shouted. Ron ran as fast as he could, but he didn’t get far. Only a few yards from the cửa hàng he collapsed to a large person and fell on the ground. The ring fell tiếp theo to him and the man understood what was going on. He picked Ron and the ring off the floor and dragged him back to the jewelry shop. “I think this boy has something that’s yours” the man đã đưa ý kiến looking at the cửa hàng owner and he gave back the ring. “Thanks” the owner accepted in relief.
“What’s going on?” a familiar...
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