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posted by luv_warriorcatz
lets say that bella and hermione were off Những người bạn (really off). Hermione is at hogwarts where she is happy and bella is at forks with her vamp buddies where she is happy. And they know each other's secrets. One day, Hermione wrote bella a letter.

Dear Bella Swan,

I have heard about your acts in Forks and how your boyfriend, edward broke up with you. I feel really sorry for you. Then bạn found him again in Volterra, Italy and bạn started going out with him again. My opinion might not matter in this but I feel as if I should tell bạn about this. I am afraid that bạn might be a little bit obssessive....
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I suspect I'm not the only one, am I? XD...... Anyways, bạn know you're obsessed with Bellatrix when....
Credit: Me Myself and I

1. bạn throw away all of your hairbrushes.

2. bạn wear at least some black every day.

3. bạn rip your clothes on purpose.

4. bạn call people bạn don't like "filthy mudbloods".

5. bạn yell "CRUCIO!" at people when bạn get mad.

6. bạn carry knives on your person

7. Your desktop background and screensaver are of Bellatrix.

8. Whenever you're typing a word that starts with a "B" hoặc an "L", bạn accidentally type out a Bellatrix hoặc a Lestrange instead.

9. bạn think her birthday should...
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posted by LoveforSeverus
Well I've been nghề viết văn a little fanfic recently and I realized that when I write fanfic, I mostly let my character's handle the plot. Whatever happens to pop in my head at the time, and doesn't go completely against the tổng thể story line, gets put in the fanfic.
But Smeyer says that she wrote Twilight bởi just "letting her characters handle the plot". There bởi making it seem a lot like how, not only I, but other people, write người hâm mộ fiction.
I decided to look up some reasons of what makes a good người hâm mộ fiction:
"1. Choose the anime/manga/book/video game/movie bạn want your fan-fic to be about." Vampire's...
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This bài viết isn't mine, this is just an bài viết I found on cracked.com (one of the best sites ever!). I agree with most of it, and on that note remember this is opion based, not fact. This is...*drumroll* if bạn don't hate Twilight already, why bạn SHOULD hate Twilight!

Click here to check out the article:

Enjoy, and no getting pissy (that's right I'm talking to bạn Twilight người hâm mộ girls) if you're going to post, DON'T POST unless bạn write something I can understand. For example, THIS is something I can't understand:
omg liek edward iz liek sooo hawt an like sexxii an liek OMG umminess an u hateur iz liek tttly stoopid an homo an--
It's hurts too much to even finish the example! Anyway, again no haters and enjoy!
posted by FredWRules
Harry Potter married Ginny Weasley. They had three children, James Sirius, Albus Severus, and Lily Luna. He became head of the Auror’s Department under Kingsley Shacklebolt.

Ginny Weasley played quidditch for the Holyhead Harpies. After deciding to raise a family, she retired and became Senior Quidditch correspondent at the Daily Prophet.

Hermione Granger married to Ron Weasely and had two children, Rose and Hugo. Hermione went back to Hogwarts and sat her NEWTS before working for Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures and helping house elves. She then moved to the...
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So, bạn like Harry Potter? What about Twilight?
I've read (and watched) them both.
When I was twelve I picked up a paper back cover of "Twilight" at the airport for something to read on my plane ride home. I did become quite infatuated with the series, tearing through the second, third and fourth books. I went on this người hâm mộ club on my old account (which I have long since abandoned) and talked trash about Harry Potter, and talked about how wonderful Twilight was. I talked about Twilight like it was my Bible, and mocked Harry Potter (which I knew tiếp theo to nothing about). However, when I was thirteen,...
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các câu hỏi những người hâm mộ and các câu trả lời from ngẫu nhiên people

Who is better: Harry hoặc Edward? Why?

A: I think Harry is better. He has flaws in his character that make him relatable. He puts himself in danger and sacrifices himself for his friends. He may be a wizard, but he feels what normal kids feel: anger, betrayal, sadness, loss, joy, relief, confidence, and bravery.
-anonymous HP fan
A2-Edward. Edward would die for Bella, and tries to protect her in any way he can. He doesn't give up on her even when he hears she is with Jacob and saves her innumerable times.
Anonymous T fan.

Quidditch hoặc Vampire Baseball?...
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posted by sy-sy
why deos twilight annoy me? because when twilight came out everyone 4 got hp then the new hp movie came out and they loved hp again thgen twilight movie came out people just cant make up their minds well i can ive seen all the hp movie so far and twilight and even though hp leave s out some stuff its still TEN times better twilight is annoying becuz they think they can come in and steal the whole hiển thị that why oppion of a hpfan gcsfdsjhvcdshvcwrivhrweuvghbersvksfdhvsklvhjsdfvklsdfvb dfc bvhdx jkhdfvoperfcujrehvcjfdvhhhjukdsxhcdsjcv
Me, Myself, and I

By Rita Skeeter

Exclusive interview with notorious Death Eater Bellatrix Lestrange

Here I am, sitting in the private dungeon of the notorious Bellatrix Lestrange, most feared follower of the Dark Lord, and having a completely normal interview. Read on to see if there’s thêm to Bellatrix than just madness and a nasty reputation!

RS: Hello!

BL: *growls*

RS: Do bạn mind if I use a quick-quotes quill?

BL: What’s that?

*fingers wand handle threateningly*

RS: Oh, nothing, erm, moving on…Can I call bạn Bella?

BL: No.

RS: How would bạn describe your relationship with the man known as...
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posted by KatyLautner
Hey, it's me KatyLautner. I just wanted to say, I'm sorry to all Harry Potter những người hâm mộ and anyone I may have offended. I didn't mean to make any enemies, and I never ment for it to go this far.

We all have our opinions, people like what they like. And I should accept that a lot of bạn are Harry Potter fans, and that's cool with me now. I hope all bạn accept that me and a lot of other people are Twilight fans.

Sorry if I called bạn hoặc any of your Những người bạn a nerd, a bitch, hoặc anything else I may have đã đưa ý kiến that offended bạn in any way.

I'm not saying I wasn't offended, because I was. But most of the people who offended me appologized, so I'm good with them now.

I think a lot of us have Mất tích sight about what this spot is for. Debating, talking about which book is better. Our opinions.

So, I'd like to start over. I'll try to give thêm detailed and valid reasons why I think the way I do. I hope bạn forgive me, and want to start over as well.

Dear Stephenie Meyer,
First I would like to thank bạn for taking the time to read my letter. It means a lot to me. In this letter, I would like to explain why I do not like the Twilight series and how it did have room for improvment.
The main problem I had with the series is how Bella and Edward's tình yêu is shown to be ideal, when in fact, it's unhealthy. Throughout the books, we do not get any insight on their hobbies and likes/dislikes. The problem with this is that we do not know if Edward hoặc Bella share any common interests to be considered perfect for each other. In fact, they only had...
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posted by harrypotterbest
So today I was searching stuff (mostly HP related) on google, right? And I get this idea, 'I wonder what Google like's thêm - HP hoặc Twilight.'
Test one
So I put in 'is Twilight' and one of the options was 'a good book.' So then I put in 'is Harry Potter' and the first option was real. And the 3 was 'and the deathly hallows in 3d.'
Test two (first two options)
'Harry Potter is'
better than Twilight
my life
'Twilight is'
like bóng đá
my life
But... the last option was 'terrible.'
Test 3 (last 3 options)
'Edward Cullen is'
an abusive boyfriend
'Ron Wealey is'
our king
an idiot
Test 4 (first 4)
'Bella thiên nga is'
a mary-sue
a bad role model
Stephenie Meyer
'Hermione Granger is'
played bởi
Test 5 (last option)
'Voldemort is'
'Volturi are'
Which Volturi are bạn
So now tell me. Which one do bạn think Google likes better? Twilight hoặc HP?
Harry Potter is the End of an Era. Twilight is the End of an Error.

At first glance, bạn would think this is just another oh-so-clever Anti-Twilight slogan, reiterated bởi the Twilight hating masses, but in reality, are these antis only slamming themselves?

First off, what Era is Harry Potter ending? It’s own? So in other words, “Harry Potter is the end of Harry Potter”.

I’m assuming this “Error” is meant to represent Twilight, correct? So in other words, much like the above, “Twilight is the end of Twilight”.

In conclusion, “Harry Potter is the End of Harry Potter. Twilight...
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posted by teamsalvatore98
Hello, everyone. It's me, teamsalvatore. (Salvy)

So this club is Potter vs. Twilight, Rowling vs. Meyer, Wizards vs. Vampires. I, personally, my opinion, think that Twilight is better than Harry Potter. BUT I think that there are some redundant things in Twilight. And remember, these are ust my opinions:

-Bella's weakness; She's helpless, and turning girls everywhere into weak, spineless idiots. She's making girls everywhere think they need a guy like Edward to protect them.
-Edward's obvious self-hate; He's a non-cutting emo, for crying out loud! A wannabe! We get it, Eddy, bạn don't like yourself....
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posted by VampiresRevenge
Okay, I should start this off bởi saying that I am a người hâm mộ of both Harry Potter and Twilight, but I am a bigger người hâm mộ of Harry Potter. Why am I telling bạn this, bạn ask? Because this bài viết is going to sound a lot like I am defending Twilight, which I am, and trashing on the Harry Potter, which I am not. Now that that's out of the way...

Okay. Earlier, I was in the Harry Potter spot, and I saw a rather shocking bình luận in one of the picks: "I cant think of an overrated harry potter character- overrated is over on the Twilight spot- he he." This sparked my interest. Is there anything else in the...
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New Moon Review

“…she [Stephanie Meyer] can’t write worth a darn. She’s not very good…” ~ Stephen King

And frankly, I agree. Stephanie Meyer, tác giả of the Twilight series, has gotten her share of criticism, but also many undeserved raving fans. I’m going to take a closer look at her một giây book in this series, New Moon.
New Moon Is quite possibly the just all-around worst book in the series, and I will tell bạn why.

One, Edward leaves Bella, and she turns into a zombie-like wreck. She abandons all of her friends, instead focusing what little personality she has on hatred for Edward...
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Okay sorry Twilikers. But bạn need to here the facts. Harry Potter is the best selling serous ever. Deathly Hallows is the fasting selling book ever.

Okay. So why is it when I type in "100 resons Twilight is better then Harry Potter" there is one vpage and for a start there aren't even a hundred resons. Most of them all same the same thing. Twiilight's better because everyone's hot. They are??. Good readers tend not to notice.

It's a tình yêu story. So is Harry Potter but it's not full in your face. It comes in gentle as the charcters get older, as the sách di chuyển on. And have bạn seen all the different...
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 The Golden Trio
The Golden Trio
I'll Start with Harry Potter:

1.The Characters are thêm likeable.
4.Even the villans are likeable.
3.You can related to at least one of the likeable characters.
4.Harry Potter has Bellatrix Lestrange where vas Twilight only has Isabella Swan.
5.The villans actually seem thretning unlike the Volturi.
6.The cast seems friendlier.
7.The relatonships in Harry Potter are taken one step at a time.
8.Harry Potter is thêm realistic; the characters each have a flaw as well as some good traits
9.Harry Potter shows real life issues such as; the loss of someone dear to you, child neglect, (the dursleys) and raceism....
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posted by andierox13
Okay, So I am just going to re-do this. I re-read the trước đó one and I realize I lacked in giving reasons why the Twilight Saga kicks đít, mông, ass compared to the Harry Potter Series.

Let's just break this down now. Take a look at Edward, some people thinks he stalks Bella? I am here to tell bạn that is false. He does not stalk her at all, he feels it is his duty to protect her because a life without her would be no life at all. I read some of your các bình luận on the trước đó bài viết and I would like to say that he DOES NOT fall in tình yêu with her because she 'smells yummy' that is why he is attracted...
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posted by hpotterforever7
When Dumbledore was duelling Grindlewald, he didn't want to defeat his ex-best friend, but then he thought of Ariana...

Regulus wasn't going to meddle in the Dark Lord's business bởi finding the horcrux, but then he thought of what Sirius would have done...

Colin Creevey was going on his way back through the tunnel to the Hog's Head, but then he thought of how Harry would praise him if he fought...

Tonks wasn't going off to find Remus bởi leaving behind her child, but then Teddy's hair turned the exact same colour as Remus'...

Narcissa was prepared to tell the Dark Lord that Harry was alive, but...
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