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posted by RavenclawRocks
So yes, here I am, Megan Keynes (haha I wish) hoặc as I like to be called, "The Narnian Ravenclaw" going to start another bài viết about my opioin, as I have done countlessly in the "Harry Potter vs Twilight" club. Why am I nghề viết văn about Harry Potter instead of Narnia since I have constantly đã đưa ý kiến I tình yêu both equally? Well in this club, I have noticed, there's seems to be Narnia fans, Harry Potter fans, những người hâm mộ of both and Harry Potter haters. The hate is really strong. So I'm just going to explain why I tình yêu Harry Potter.

The plot: Even the haters have to admit it. Harry Potter has a strong well though-out...
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