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 Harmony in POA
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Reasons why we tình yêu Harmony (HHR):
H/Hr: Because Platonic tình yêu is better than Love/Hate any ngày of the week.
H/Hr: Because the best things in life are rarely obvious.
H/Hr: Because the best những người đang yêu are also best friends.
H/Hr: Because attraction involves much thêm than bickering and jealousy.
H/Hr: Because we think outside the box and between the lines.
H/Hr: Because do we really need thêm Weasleys?
H/Hr: Because bạn actually have to talk when you're not having "sun drenched kisses."
H/Hr: A Rupert and Emma kiss? Ew.
H/Hr: Because Harmony sounds better than giống cò, cò, heron any day
H/Hr: Because our fic is better...
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Edited bởi link with amazing harmony moments and voiceovers
Hermione Granger
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