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posted by Crazy-Chica
Since everything Hannah Montana is inspired in the pop world it's logical to think the titles were inspired in được ưa chuộng songs of all times too... in fact it's pretty obvious on most! Here are some funny "conincidences", make sure to share yours over the FORUM! Have fun :D


Lilly, Do bạn Want to Know a Secret?
Song: "Do bạn Want To Know A Secret" (The Beatles)

Miley, Get Your Gum
Song: Annie, Get Your Gun (Squeeze)

She's A Supersneak
Song: (She's a) Superfreak (Rick James) Others: She's a superstar

I Can't Make bạn tình yêu Hannah If bạn Don't
Song: I Can't Make bạn tình yêu Me (George Michael)...
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 Hannah Montana Season 1
Hannah Montana Season 1
You get the limo out front............
best of both, best of both Best of both worlds!


Lilly Truscott (Miley Stewart's best friend) buys two tickets to see a Hannah Montana buổi hòa nhạc for her and Miley. Because Miley secretly is Hannah Montana, she says she can't go, so Lilly goes to the buổi hòa nhạc with Oliver Oken (Miley and Lilly's friend). After sneaking into her dressing room, she finds out that Miley is Hannah Montana, so Miley shows Lilly her secret Hannah closet. However, when Lilly tries to convince Miley she should tell her secret to her school,...
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