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posted by twistedblondie
Hi! I write a story called The Siren's Song.
It has it's own spot now and I write it in parts sorta like a fanfiction except I made up everything on my own.
It's about two best Những người bạn that become Những nàng tiên cá after meeting a mysterious Siren one ngày on the beach.
It's new, and needs thêm fans. Will bạn read it and become a fan?
Also, i'll tham gia các câu lạc bộ and read anyone else's fanfictions hoặc stories, too.
Feel free to send me suggestions on my story, there always helpful!
Please & Thank you! (:

posted by Mermaid-Gurl
This is a test to see which mermaid bạn are like most. Grab a pen and paper and do this 10 một phút test!! It could be quicker than 10 minutes)
You must be honest...

**1.You get homework, Do you:
a. Leave it till the last minute
b.Nearly finish it on the first day
c.Do it gradually over time

**2. món ăn bơm xen, charlotte turns into a mermaid. Do you:
a. Leave her to learn the hard way.
b. Try to be her friend and help her out.
c. Just do what the others chose.

**3. Who is the best boy??
a. Zane
b. Ash
c. Lewis

**4. Is your family:
a. Apart but in it together,
b. Organized and trusting
c. Starting to break

**5. Do bạn have a:...
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posted by anjariel
cloe had awakend and showred and etaend her berakfats and walked off to chool as she allwasy does all ngày swhen she at the wya trang chủ dicovered a sorts glimmerlight unerneath
the seasurface not so long fro her house.. and as ifd that s not enough on her the sis kim am soon there: whts upm with the STARING?? she ask as she allways does.. cleo simply say:: and whats up with YOURS?? making ki actullay son as she arioved there allso alk away. then shes soaring off in the water cleo and she follows this glimery glittrye light all the way to mako.. she am so exited about all of this.. ! aswell em thats...
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posted by glossygirl125
H2o season three is adding another mermaid!!!!!!!! Thats right, another mermaid. Indiana Evans is makeing a splash into H2O as Bella. Rikki and Cleo will be returning in season three, but Emma will not because she is filming a movie. I found this out in a news report, Indiana signed a contract to enter season three after the hiển thị recived funding for it. Unknown if Bella will replace Emma, if she will be evil hoặc nice, hoặc if she will apear a mermaid hoặc become one like Rikki and Cleo. My opinion is that they should not get rid of Emma this late in the series. But apearently they think so.
posted by natalis11
bạn think being a marmaid is easy i don't think so espacially as so much happens. I'll give bạn a little what i think of each of marmaids life but it may not be what they think.

Cleo: has a very annoying little sis. But very loyal friends, and her big tình yêu Lewis:) She hates Mariam and Zane bennett bởi what he done to her. She couldn't swim and at the start of marmaids didn't went near water until she realised that it was just great to swim. :) :)

Rikkie: She never could coped with haveing Những người bạn espacially a boyfriend ( Zane, later on) but she learned it and went well and loved being a marmaid....
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Hello những người hâm mộ of the h2o Just add water tv series!

Many những người hâm mộ have been looking for the same special locket as worn bởi the Những nàng tiên cá on the hiển thị & purchased a cheap made in China locket manufactured for the show. Most were very deceived bởi the low quality hoặc the lockets.

Some very persuasive những người hâm mộ contacted the jewelry artist Blue Crockatt from Canada known for her beautiful handmade sterling silver pieces.

With pictures sent bởi những người hâm mộ she recreated the piece in genuine high-quality sterling silver. Unlike the manufactured bởi machines ones hers were handmade one-by-one and instead of offering it only...
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posted by loverd
xin chào I'm new to fanpop and this is my first story hope u like it.

Every one eather says mermaid are real hoặc thar not, I used to be one of the nonbeleavers let me tell bạn what that todly sucked. One ngày a was taking a walk on the bờ biển, bãi biển and something cout my eye. It was a sea shell, I looked around to see if thar was more. My mom called me in to eat befor I had a chance to look for more. I went back latter and picked the shell up but insed of the ocean I heard a vary wearid sound. The tiếp theo ngày I went swimming and was pulled under,but instead of freaking out I did't do any thang exepet help it...
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posted by jackie5starr
I tình yêu how Lewis and Cleo are like made for each other and no matter what they are together in the end...Emma looks better with Ash than Byron I think and Zane and Rikki and so like...different...i think its sooooo funny whenever they're together cuz i never rlly liked Zane much until he became nicer to Rikki. I hate món ăn bơm xen, charlotte because she seemed superior mermaid even though she stinks and the other three are so much better...Charlotte is such an outsider but she gives a good twist to the whole story. I tình yêu how Lewis dumps her and takes the necklace...ugh...Charlotte sux sooooooooo much. I was sooo glad when she Mất tích her powers and tail...it was wonderful. I loved it when the girls are like with their boyfriends in the end and everything is all happy.