Groundhog ngày Rate This Movie

Pick one:
10-One of my all time yêu thích phim chiếu rạp
9-Really tình yêu this movie but didn't quite make it into my all time các sở thích thou
8-Really like this movie but wouldn't say I tình yêu it
7-I liked this movie
6-Kind of liked this movie, it was alright but nothing to brag about
5-in the middle, could take hoặc leave it
4-it wasn't all that great, leaning thêm towards kind of not liking it
3-Really didn't like it too much, a waste of time to watch
2-Not a người hâm mộ at all, strongly disliked it but didn't necessarily hate it
1-Absolutely hated this movie, one of the worst made
Haven't ever seen it so really can't rate this movie
 dejavu2571 posted hơn một năm qua
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