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posted by Milah
My name is Calypso
And I have lived alone
I live on an island
And I waken to the dawn
A long time ago
I watched him struggle with the sea
I knew that he was drowning
And I brought him into me
Now today
Come morning light
He sails away
After one last night
I let him go.

My names is Calypso
My garden overflows
Thick and wild and hidden
Is the sweetness there that grows
My hair it blows long
As I sing into the wind
I tell of nights
Where I could taste the salt on his skin
Salt of the waves
And of tears
And though he pulled away
I kept him here for years
I let him go.

My name is Calypso
I have let him go
In the dawn he sails away
To be gone forever more
And the waves will take him in again
But he'll know their ways now
I will stand upon the shore
With a clean heart
And my song in the wind
The sand will sting my feet
And the sky will burn
It's a lonely time ahead
I do not ask him to return
I let him go
I let him go.

- Suzanne Vega
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Let's look at another hàng đầu, đầu trang 10 danh sách of the legendary Greek mythological creatures.
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posted by Jillywinkles
Taken from The Greek Gods, bởi Evslin, Evslin, & Hoopes.

Aphrodite was the goddess of tình yêu and beauty; so there are thêm stories told about her than anyone else, god hoặc mortal....But all the tales agree that she is the goddess of desire, and, unlike other Olympians, is never distracted from her duties. Her work is her pleasure, her profession, her hobby. She thinks of nothing but love, and nobody expects thêm of her.

She was born....From the foam rose a tall beautiful maiden, naked and dripping. Waves attended her. Poseidon's white ngựa brought her to the island of Cythera. Wherever...
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