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“Do I need to stick my finger down your throat and hold your hair back?”

Author: LittleDancer-123x (Melanie)

Rated: T+ because of occasional language, and strong references to eating disorders.

Published: December 11th 2008

Story Type: Multi-Chapter

Summary: Inspired from the line “Do I need to stick my finger down your throat and hold your hair back?” 2x13. Goes back to freshman year, and works up to present day, how Blair’s disorder developed and how Chuck was there along the way. Multi-Chapter. CB, SB friendship.

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 Hanging around....Off Set! Aaawww!
Hanging around....Off Set! Aaawww!
Part 2

Its the final ngày of filming. The GG gang are filming the last few of the wedding scenes and the atmosphere is really good but emotional as the cast know it's their last ngày together before their holidays.
They have just filmed Chuck's wedding speech and are taking their lunch break.

Leighton and Ed have eaten their lunch and are standing around on set talking.

L: xin chào let me know if bạn see Seb, he đã đưa ý kiến he was coming today but he's not here yet.
E: Ever heard of a phone...you can use it to contact someone to find out where they are.
L: (laughs) Well i dont have it with me do I! its in my locker....
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Chapter 5

She was bulimic.

The door of the bathroom that held testament to that fact slammed behind Chuck as he left.


For some reason, he couldn’t think. Wouldn’t think, wouldn’t let the message enter his mind.

He just had to tell Serena, tell Nate; her best friend, her boyfriend.

They could deal with it. He wasn’t anything to her.


He felt something pull on his sleeve before he managed to get to her bedroom door, the one that lead to the hallway which would take him down to the two clueless blonds.

“What?!” He barked, turning round to face Blair sharply.

She blinked at...
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