Gossip Girl [Season 3] Will NS get together in Season3 ???

ManhattanQueen posted on Jun 26, 2009 at 05:21PM
Now,with the hit of Chace Crawford in the States,so many people say he'll play an important role in Season 3(much more scenes than Season1&2 ). I think it's greatly possible too.

So,I'm wondering how the fucking producers arrange the storyline of Nate!! I think they must give him a better girlfriend instead of V and J (notice V and J aren't the most major character) Since the original-most-important-character S becomes less and less important/popular(because of the hit of Chair), and she broke up with D.... They must arrange her a boyfriend which is a major role in GG as well.(uh..not Carter...)

So,I think it's greatly possible they arrange NS falling in love in Season 3!!!!!What do you guys think??

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hơn một năm qua nateismyboyfd said…
Haha NS are always the best~! Hope that NS will get together.

Let me guess the story, I think S will not be with Dan anymore(really the last time,it's so annoying.. :D),may be she has feeling for N again, N loves her, but N doesn't know how to choose between S and V and J......

at the same time, Chuck is back to hs old way, B leaves him.. N comforts B and they talk about the old days and B has feeling for N again too~!! then it's season 3!!! Awesome Nate gets all the girls' heart!!
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hơn một năm qua xAlwaysLovex said…
I want NS to get together so badly! <3
Chair and Serenate would make the best couples.