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bạn with the sad eyes
don't be discouraged
oh I realize
it's hard to take courage
in a world full of people
you can lose sight of it all
and the darkness inside you
can make bạn fell so small

But I see your true colors
shining through
I see your true colors
and that's why I tình yêu you
so don't be afraid to let them show
your true colors
true màu sắc are beautiful
like a rainbow

Show me a smile then
don't be unhappy, can't remember
when I last saw bạn laughing
if this world makes bạn crazy
and you've taken all bạn can bear
you call me up
because bạn know I'll be there

And I'll see your true colors
shining through
I see...
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posted by swimchick
This is my first opinion article, I just wanted to share what I think about Glee on hiatus and to hopefully make some other những người hâm mộ feel a bit better.
I tình yêu Glee as much as the tiếp theo person, but I understand why the hiển thị has to take a break.
From Fox's perspective, they need American Idol to be in the spotlight during its run. And even though I am not an AI fan, I understand this as a business decision.
But thêm importantly, the cast needs to rest! It takes so much energy to rehearse, record, and deliver lines at such a fast rate. I for one would appreciate the cast members being at their absolute...
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Well, this chapter was one that took so long. I'm so sorry for that. It didn't come that easy. Now it's done. It's an extra-long chapter and every character has an interview featured.

Enjoy and don't forget to review!


Chapter 4: Tribute scores and interviews

Brittany district 5

Brittany waited for her name to be called. Yet she had no idea, what she had to hiển thị them. Brittany was not known in town as the smartest hoặc the strongest. If someone was going to look for a winner, Brittany wouldn't be the person they would submit. Brittany was a sweet kind spirit, but most people in district 5...
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posted by tinkerbell_cate
Okay so this is just my way of saying thanks to everyone who makes this spot a fun place to be. I know that there has been a problem with haters coming on this spot, but the thing is, with bạn guys here? the haters don't matter. We báo cáo them, then ignore them and go back to making the Glee spot a place for những người hâm mộ of all characters on Glee to come express there opinions and talk about an amazing show. Even though everyone has different opinions,the thing that keeps this spot great is the fact that we all respect each other even if we disagree with someone. As long as no one is insulting a character,...
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A lot has happened throughout the past few days. Good things occured and bad things occured. Among these things are the hàng đầu, đầu trang 5 things I'm either happy about, mad about, sad about,or...just on my mind, bạn know. So here we go:

5. How the Michael Jackson episode of "Glee" is gonna turn out.

People have been hinting for a MJ episode for about a while now, and it took this long for RIB to even make the decision to go with it. Now that all the trailers and spoilers are out, I'm having certain thoughts on how this episode is gonna play out for everyone. I really hope there's not much drama in this....
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posted by fetchgirl2366
Dalton Academy- an all boys private school that the Warblers attend
Dalton Academy Warblers- A Glee club at Dalton Academy; consists of Blaine (former member), Kurt (former member), and Sebastian
 Damian McGinty (portrays Rory Flanagan on "Glee")
Damian McGinty (portrays Rory Flanagan on "Glee")

Dalton Academy Warblers Council- Group of three upperclassmen voted to lead the Warblers
Dalton Rumba- (portrayed bởi Michael Hitchcock) hiển thị choir director at Haverbrook School for the Deaf
Dance Ability- Fourth episode in the first season of "The Glee Project"; focuses on contestants' dancing
Damian McGinty- (born September 9th, 1992) Contestant...
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(To Will) Being a part of something special makes bạn special, right? (Pilot)

Rachel: I tried, but I don't have a gag reflex.
Emma: When you're older, that will turn out to be a gift. (Showmance)
Finn: Do bạn know what we should do?
Rachel: Elope?
Finn: What?
Rachel: Nothing. (The Rhodes Not Taken)

(On Bowling Balls) Do I have to put my fingers in the holes? Couldn’t there be diseases in there hoặc something? (The Rhodes Not Taken)

(To New Directions) Rachel: I realized being a ngôi sao didn't make me as special as being your friend. (The Rhodes Not Taken)

Thank bạn so much, it really...
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I wake up every evening
With a big smile on my face
And it never feels out of place.
And you're still probably working
At a 9 to 5 pace
I wonder how bad that tastes

When bạn see my face
I hope it gives bạn hell, I hope it gives bạn hell
When bạn walk my way
I hope it gives bạn hell, I hope it gives bạn hell

Now where's your picket fence love
And where's that shiny car
Did it ever get bạn far?
You never seem so tense, love
Never seen bạn fall so hard
Do bạn know where bạn are?

Truth be told I miss you
Truth be told I'm lying

When bạn see my face
I hope it gives bạn hell, I hope it gives bạn hell
When bạn walk my...
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posted by fetchgirl2366
Rachel (to Kurt the tiếp theo day): How's everything with Blaine going?
Kurt: We finally made up.
Rachel (to herself): And out, I bet.
Kurt: Wha--
Rachel: I have my plans set. That's what I said.
Kurt (cheerfully): Alrighty then...(He whispers to himself.) Bitch.
Rachel: What?
Kurt (pointing down the hall): Finn.

(He and Rachel look down the hall. Finn is at his locker, talking with Rory and Sam about Nationals. As soon as Finn sees Rachel waving at her, he makes a run to the cafeteria. Rory and Sam follow behind. Kurt and Rachel try to catch up.)
Rory: Finn Hudson, what's with bạn running from your bride-to-be?...
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Here are my hàng đầu, đầu trang Santana trích dẫn from Season 1:

10. "What difference does it make? Everyone knows my role here is to look hot". (Laryngitis)

9. Santana: "Who, Rachel? She's dating that Jesse St. James kid from Vocal Adrenaline".
Finn: "No, she's not".
Santana: "Please, she's like a cat in heat. She talked about him yesterday and practically sprayed the choir room". (Power of Madonna)

8. "You know what actually, would bạn mind waiting in the car? Oh, and leave your credit card". (Hell-O)

7. Brittany: "Did bạn see what Rachel was wearing today?"
Santana: "Oh, I know! She looked like Pippi Longstocking,...
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Here are my hàng đầu, đầu trang Brittany trích dẫn from Season 1:

10. "I don't know how to turn on a computer". (Bad Reputation)

9. Santana: "Sex is not dating".
Brittany: "If it were, Santana, I'd be dating". (Sectionals)

8. Santana: "This thực phẩm was not satisfactory".
Brittany: "There was a chuột in mine". (Hell-O)

7. Quinn: "Will bạn give me my test back?"
Brittany: "I just don't understand anything". (Throwdown)

6. Brittany: "I don't wanna be in a picture with you. It'll get defaced".
Rachel: "No, it won't".
Brittany: "Yeah, it will. I'll be the one doing it". (Mattress)

5. Brittany: "You're a really good dancer".
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Mark Salling and Dianna Agron are featured in Paper Magazine’s “Beautiful People 2010″ bức ảnh spread. Here’s what the Glee hotties opened up about:

Dianna on her character, Quinn Fabray: “She’s deliciously evil and oscillates between being the mean girl and someone with an ounce of a heart”

Mark Salling on his character, Puck: “He’s a bad guy inside of a good guy inside of a bad guy.”

Mark on Puck’s future with Quinn: “I know my character. He’s not going to stop sexting other girls.”

Dianna on celebrity sites drawing conclusions from a bức ảnh of her drinking coffee with Adam Brody while they were filming upcoming movie The Romantics: “Our call time [for the film] was the same that day, so we thought we’d go grab coffee together. An giờ later, I had a boyfriend. (laughs) It was great.”

Mark on some bloggers’ breathless descriptions of his chiseled physique: “I’m honored bởi their kind words. But my eyes are up here, OK?”

posted by fetchgirl2366
Rachel (entering the main hall, spotting everything wrong in the room, looking at Sugar, Tina, Brittany, and Mercedes): What is wrong with the four of you?! This setting looks terrible!
Sugar: Just to let bạn know, I wasn't part of the mess part, so...
Tina: We're trying as hard as we can, Rachel. We want this to be the best for you. After all, bạn wanted the best marriage of your life, and--
Mercedes (turning to Tina): Okay, bạn pretty much ruined the moment, Tina.
Rachel: I want this fixed! I'm not gonna have a reception in a room that looks tacky!
Leroy (coming in with Hiram): And what reception...
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posted by fetchgirl2366
Earlene Davis- Portrays Andrea Carmichael on "Glee"
Emma Pillsbury- (portrayed bởi Jayma Mays) Guidance counselor at William McKinley
 Eve Jeffers (portrayed Grace Hitchens in season 1 of "Glee")
Eve Jeffers (portrayed Grace Hitchens in season 1 of "Glee")

Empire State of Mind- Originally bởi Jay Z featuring Alicia Keys, sung bởi New Directions in the episode 'Audition' (solos: Artie, Finn, Puck, Mercedes, Santana, and Rachel)
Endless Love- Originally bởi Diana Ross and Lionel Richie, sung bởi Will and Rachel in the episode 'Ballad'
Eric Stoltz- American actor and director; directed six episodes of "Glee" ('Duets', 'Blame It On the Alcohol', 'Prom...
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posted by bety_7723
I found the Glee cast addresses (almost all of them) is just so u can send 'em letters...!

Dianna Agron:

Dianna Agron

c/o The Gersh Agency

6th Floor

9465 Wilshire Blvd.

Beverly Hills, CA 90212-2612


Chris Colfer:

Chris Colfer

c/o Coast To Coast Talent Group

3350 Barham Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90068


Jessalyn Gilsig:

Jessalyn Gilsig

c/o Framework Entertainment

9057 Nemo Street

Suite C

West Hollywood, CA 90069


Jane Lynch:

Jane Lynch

c/o Domain

9229 Sunset Blvd.

Suite 415

Los Angeles, CA 90069


Jayma Mays:

Jayma Mays

c/o Framework Entertainment

9057 Nemo Street

Suite C

West Hollywood, CA 90069


Cory Monteith:

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posted by fetchgirl2366
(Naya Rivera, going back into her character as Santana Lopez, walked down the hallways of McKinley High. She seemed insecure bởi all of the boys surrounding her and whispering insulting remarks behind her back. Santana had no idea what they were saying...but she had a clue on what the subject was.)

Santana's Thoughts: My reputation as a head Cheerio means the world to me. I'm basically taking Quinn's job as the được ưa chuộng girl and adding sparkle to it. Hell, I'm actually doing 3 times better than she did. I didn't get knocked up bởi a football jock--even though I slept with Finn and Puck. However,...
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posted by bety_7723
 Brittany quote of the week: "When I pulled my hamstring, I went to a misogynist"
Brittany quote of the week: "When I pulled my hamstring, I went to a misogynist"
It's difficult to remember an episode of ti vi as hyped as this week's installment of Glee.

Incredibly, though, the hiển thị lived up to all expectations, wasting no time in getting to the theme of the evening. We were instantly thrust into Sue's Journal, as our yêu thích cheerleading coach referred to the Material Girl as "the most powerful woman ever to walk the face of the earth."

Everyone except Puck agreed, of course, as he didn't see how Madonna songs could translate to the social choir. Enter a tremendous duet of "Borderline/Open Your Heart" bởi Finn and Rachel, as these two have mastered...
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posted by glee-is-awesome
Sam`s P.O.V
I woke up to the sound of my sister she was shoving a letter in my face."what is this?"I said."a letter duh"said my sister."tina I mean where from and what for?""I don't know open it""ok calm down"tina is 16 while I'm 17 and she is a pain a big pain but recently she has been nicer but that's because our parents died last tháng so I have to look after her.I opened the letter and all it đã đưa ý kiến was bạn HAVE BEEN CHOSEN TO BE AN AVENGER and that I had no choice to tham gia and I will be pick up in 2 hours as well as my sister all I đã đưa ý kiến was "pack stuff,eat and get ready we are going somewhere""Sam...
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Oh, remember those walls I built
Well baby they're tumbling down
They didn't even put up a fight
They didn't even make a sound

It's like I've been awakened
Every rule I had bạn breaking
It's the risk that I'm taking
I ain't never gonna shut bạn out

Everywhere I'm looking now
I'm surrounded bởi your embrace
Baby I can see your halo
You know you're my saving grace
(I'm walking on sunshine)

You're everything I need and more
(Whoa oh)
It's written all over your face
(I'm walking on sunshine)
Baby I can feel your halo
(Whoa oh)

And don't it feel good! Halo, halo, halo
I can see your halo, halo, halo
I can feel your halo,...
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posted by fetchgirl2366
This dictionary is mainly for all of the newcomers who don't know very much about "Glee". If bạn want the teach someone about all of the people and episodes of "Glee", bạn can refer to this dictionary later on.

ABC- Originally bởi the Jackson 5, sung bởi New Directions in the episode 'Hold On To Sixteen' (solos: Tina, Mike, Kurt, & Quinn)
Acafellas- (1) hát group; consists of Will Schuester, Ken Tanaka, Noah "Puck" Puckerman, Sandy Ryerson, Finn Hudson, Henri St. Pierre (former member), and Howard Bamboo (former member); (2) Third episode in the first season of "Glee"
 Alex Newell
Alex Newell

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