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Crossovers are a separate section and are not included in the Total.
There are two genre choices and two character choices, so in relation to the Total, there are overlapping counts for both sections.
All Genre categories were included. General means uncategorized in one hoặc both genre choices.
All characters counted bởi sorting Category: Character. Sometimes stories do not have characters listed for sorting, so they are not counted. Others have thêm than two main characters, but only two can be included. Most fanfictions...
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Hello lovely Gleeks !
First of all, thank bạn for taking the time to read this, especially as many of bạn may not tình yêu Finn and Rachel as much as I do. This is basically my way of hiển thị bạn guys how much I adore them and hopeing that, after bạn read it, you'll consider voting me biggest finchel fan.

So why do I tình yêu this couple so freaking much that I've bothered bạn all with numerous các bài viết about them? Well, to answer this I thought I'd take bạn through each of the seasons and highlight some of the defining moments and add in some of my favourite quotes

Season One,part one
Well, I've loved...
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posted by fetchgirl2366
(Finn, sitting in the lunch room with his fellow Glee club members, goes into a sudden flashback to the first ngày of school at William McKinley High. Students were walking past them, talking about what they want to do over the summer and what colleges they're going to. Finn couldn't help but wonder about his life after high school.)

Finn's Thoughts: This isn't fair. I have nothing to think about. It's like I'm stuck in a forest somewhere and no one can reach a hand to rescue me. I have no idea on what I want to do after William McKinley. I mean, football means so much. There's just a lot to...
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Here are my hàng đầu, đầu trang Brittany trích dẫn from Season 1:

10. "I don't know how to turn on a computer". (Bad Reputation)

9. Santana: "Sex is not dating".
Brittany: "If it were, Santana, I'd be dating". (Sectionals)

8. Santana: "This thực phẩm was not satisfactory".
Brittany: "There was a chuột in mine". (Hell-O)

7. Quinn: "Will bạn give me my test back?"
Brittany: "I just don't understand anything". (Throwdown)

6. Brittany: "I don't wanna be in a picture with you. It'll get defaced".
Rachel: "No, it won't".
Brittany: "Yeah, it will. I'll be the one doing it". (Mattress)

5. Brittany: "You're a really good dancer".
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ngày of Birth
30 October 1978, Fort Ord, California, USA

Birth Name
Matthew James Morrison

Matty Fresh

6' (1.83 m)

Mini Biography
Matthew Morrison knew he wanted to be an entertainer after participating in a theatre camp as a child. He attended NYU's TISCH School of the arts in the CAP21 program before joining the cast of Footloose. He was a member of the boy band LMNT, briefly, before he redevoted himself to Broadway in Rocky Horror. Cuộc thi hoa hậu tóc has been his big break.

IMDb Mini Biography By: Christina Trivigno

Mini Biography
It took a summer of diễn xuất in a children's theater group...
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Have bạn guys read this?? Further proof that he's the most amaizng guy in the world.

Dearest friends-

Though my very first episode aired on TV in November of 2010, the end of this past September actually marked the two năm anniversary of a phone call that really turned my life upside down: I was notified that I had been cast as a new character on the được ưa chuộng ti vi series, “Glee.”


By that point, some of bạn had maybe known me from silly Youtube videos, and for even less of you- from cafes, restaurants, and bars I used to play âm nhạc at. Regardless of the when hoặc the how hoặc the why,...
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posted by fetchgirl2366
(Sam, Mercedes, and Quinn are in a classroom having a conversation together. A student, Joe, is standing outside making sure he came to the right place.)
Joe's Thoughts: From what I've seen so far, this school seems okay. The most awkward moment is when people are looking at me, wondering why the homeless dude with the đàn ghi ta, guitar came here. Well, I'm not homeless. I can care less about what they say. If there's one thing God taught me, it's that bạn don't need fancy things to be happy. It's just love. In fact, he's the reason why I'm going to tham gia the God Squad team. we go.

(The door...
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posted by fetchgirl2366
Hairography- Eleventh episode in the first season of "Glee"
 Harmony (portrayed bởi Lindsay Pearce)
Harmony (portrayed bởi Lindsay Pearce)

Hair- Originally from the musical "Hair", sung bởi New Directions in the episode 'Hairography' (solos: Artie, Mercedes, and Tina; mash-up with the song "Crazy In Love")
Halo- Originally bởi Beyonce, sung bởi the New Directions girls in the episode 'Vitamin D' (solos: Mercedes and Rachel; mashed up with the song "Walking on Sunshine")
Hank Saunders- Former Glee club student from the episode 'Pilot'
Happy Days Are Here Again- Originally bởi Barbra Streisand, sung bởi Rachel and Kurt in the episode '...
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posted by Hazel563
My bài viết is rather long. Feel free to read the whole thing but if bạn only want to see a specific topic press 'Ctrl' then 'F' a box will come up and type in the topic of your interest listed below. Press enter until brought to the topic.

Finn and Quinn
Public Service Announcement

Glee has Mất tích its touch. It used to be something witty, fun, interesting and full of talent. “Sexy” was confusing, lacking in enthusiasm, overclouded with too many plot lines, and actually had me unmotivated to watch.

First, addressing the music. You...
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posted by KarlitaJB
Hello all the Gleeks out name is Karly...I'm 15 years old...and well I tình yêu this is my first Glee fanfic...and I tought it would be great to write about one of my yêu thích characters...Rory...!

It Ain't Easy Being Green

My name is Sophie Lucas, I'm 16 years old and my life at McKinley had become a mess. Cheerios talking about their multiples boyfriends, Hockey kids bothering everyone that they just don't like, fighting with Coach Sylvester, Glee kids getting slushied…just a regular ngày at the hallways of my new school....
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posted by monLOVEbrucas
 The Glee spot is my một giây home, I'm honored to be chosen for this
The Glee spot is my second home, I'm honored to be chosen for this
So we have the first official FOTM award which goes to the lovely Cat, who contributes alot to the Glee spot and deserves this alot!

1 - xin chào Cat, Congrats on winning the first offical FOTM award, how do bạn feel? Super! The Glee spot is my một giây home, I'm honored to be chosen for this :) There are so many awesome những người hâm mộ here.

2-What did bạn first think of Glee when bạn watched it? I actually wasn't as obsessed as I am now- I watched it, and I liked it (I was infatuated with Finn). I got the rest of my family to watch it, and I rewatched it a few times myself. Then I sort of put it out of my mind,...
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posted by bety_7723
I found the Glee cast addresses (almost all of them) is just so u can send 'em letters...!

Dianna Agron:

Dianna Agron

c/o The Gersh Agency

6th Floor

9465 Wilshire Blvd.

Beverly Hills, CA 90212-2612


Chris Colfer:

Chris Colfer

c/o Coast To Coast Talent Group

3350 Barham Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90068


Jessalyn Gilsig:

Jessalyn Gilsig

c/o Framework Entertainment

9057 Nemo Street

Suite C

West Hollywood, CA 90069


Jane Lynch:

Jane Lynch

c/o Domain

9229 Sunset Blvd.

Suite 415

Los Angeles, CA 90069


Jayma Mays:

Jayma Mays

c/o Framework Entertainment

9057 Nemo Street

Suite C

West Hollywood, CA 90069


Cory Monteith:

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posted by fetchgirl2366
(Quinn was in the physical therapy session, trying to stand up out of her chair. Unfortunately, she fell onto her back, nearly hurting herself. Joe ran to her, helping her up.)
Joe (kneeling down to her): Quinn! Are bạn okay?
Quinn (shrugs): I could be better.
Joe: What's wrong? I thought bạn were getting a little better with your walking.
Quinn (let down): It's not my walking.
(Joe rubs her shoulder in remorse. Quinn sits up on the floor, feeling down about the prom Queen royalty being announced.)
Joe: It's about prom queen, isn't it?
Quinn: Yeah.
Joe: It really meant that much to you?
Quinn: I never...
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*WARNING: This may contain spoilers for those who haven't seen the episode.

Okay, so I watched the episode "Heart", and I pretty much liked it. But there were 5 things that I noticed in the episode that I want to address to everyone.

4. Karofsky coming back for Kurt.

There was a link put up, wondering who was going to be in the gorilla suit in this episode. I was clueless, really. I chose Blaine for some reason, but I truly thought it was David. I mean, Blaine was recovering from that slushie Sebastian gave him in "Michael". So it couldn't possibly be him. David was the only other option. I knew...
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posted by tinkerbell_cate
I was thinking and I realised that it does make sense that Quinn tried to pretend that nothing happened in season two. At first I was confused and annoyed that they weren't following up the beth storyline, but them I remembered somthing she đã đưa ý kiến to her parents when they kicked her out "if bạn don't talk about it, it doesnt exist, so bạn just pushed it aside like we do every bad feeling in this house". Quinn had been raised to push things aside and not deal with them, and she was devestated when she found out she was pregnant and had to give up the picture perfect life she had created for herself...
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posted by i_love_dragons
This is an opinion/review of the quickly rising popularity T.V. hiển thị that is "Glee".

Through the last năm hoặc so Glee has blown up huge in it's người hâm mộ base and popularity. It gave Glee các câu lạc bộ thêm popularity and a lot of people seem to tình yêu it. Though is it all it's đã đưa ý kiến to be all that it's worth?

All the characters are developed very well and in real life are all likable people. They are very diverse which makes for an interesting show. They are good actors, brilliant singers and ain't half bad at dancing either. This hiển thị definitely has some of the most interesting characters in any...
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posted by fetchgirl2366
(William McKinley High School was having their senior prom tonight. Santana Lopez and Quinn Fabray have both been running campaigns for prom queen, along with senior class president Brittany Pierce and quarterback Finn Hudson. Sam Evans and Mercedes Jones have been coming closer together in their relationship. Blaine Anderson tries to get over his gel addiction as the prom ngày comes closer. Rachel Berry is upset when she finds out that Finn and Quinn are running for prom king and queen. At the start of the prom, Brittany performs link bởi Britney Spears. Everyone is either entering, dancing...
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posted by lucyking
Glee (stylized as Glee hoặc g–loser hand gesture–ee) is an American musical comedy-drama ti vi series that airs on cáo, fox in the United States. It focuses on the high school Glee club New Directions competing on the hiển thị choir competition circuit, while its members deal with relationships, sexuality and social issues. The initial main cast encompassed club director and Spanish teacher Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison), cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch), guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury (Jayma Mays), Will's wife Terri (Jessalyn Gilsig), and eight club members played bởi Dianna...
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posted by sheerika
Dear fellow gleeks,
As we all know the cutest guy ever "Blake Jenner" won The Glee project season 2 , I really wanted Aylin to win but I am proud that she tried and she should get at least 5 episodes.Okay I will continue with my bài viết I am really happy that Blake won and I really loved his marvelous poem so I am thinking now this guy can do anything his a poet, singer, actor, whitest half Cuban, perfect and also the hottest guy ever.I am gonna write down his "this guy" poem down as it is very inspiring and so tim, trái tim felt.

I`m the guy who will persist in his past,
I`m the guy who will make you...
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