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posted by fetchgirl2366
Top 5 Glee characters: Kurt Hummel, Artie Abrams, Noah "Puck" Puckerman, Rory Flanagan, and Coach Beiste
Bottom 5 Glee charatcers: Quinn Fabray, Mercedes Jones, Santana Lopez, Terri Schuester, and Sebastian Smythe
Top 5 Season 1 episodes: Pilot, Wheels (will always be @Charming_angel's các sở thích of season 1), Hell-O (because of Jesse), Dream On (because of Artie's dream and NPH), and Journey
Bottom 5 Season 1 episodes: She doesn't really have any least-favorites. But if she had to choose it would be Funk.
Top 5 Season 2 episodes: Almost all of the sad episodes: Grilled Cheesus, Never Been Kissed,...
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Glee is going mute. The hit cáo, fox comedy is planning an upcoming episode that will be an homage to classic silent movies, featuring absolutely no dialogue. Even thêm surprising, the episode will also silence the singing.

The very special episode of Glee, scheduled to air April 31, will center on New Directions' quest to communicate with each other without words. BuddyTV spoke to someone involved in the hiển thị about the episode, but he asked to remain anonymous, so I'll just refer to him as Myan Rurphy.

"Writing dialogue is so exhausting that we never have any time to work on plots, so the only way...
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posted by gleek481
 prom couples... and quinn
prom couples... and quinn
all the dresses and the hair. he corsages and suits. it can be a little much. not for these Glee kids. from the âm nhạc to the dresses. here the girls best to worst dressed
lets start with britt. her dress was a vôi green-yellowish dress with a layer of red. it was styled much like tinker bells dress. with little red heels with a bow to finish it. her dress matched artie suit witch i will get to later even though in the begining the of the episode they were broken up. a head band with a hoa was all that was needed to finish f the perfect...
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posted by blaze15
Los profesores del instituto McKinley hacen un intercambio de regalos, llamado el amigo invisible, pero la entrenadora Sue Sylvester altera el resultado, asegurándose de recibir todos los presentes. Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) envía a New Directions a cantar villancicos alrededor de la escuela para recaudar dinero para una organización de caridad para personas sin hogar. En la Academia Dalton de Westerville , Kurt Hummel canta a dúo «Baby, It's Cold Outside» con su amigo Blaine Anderson. Will visita a Kurt buscando asesoramiento para el regalo de Sue, y Kurt le revela que está...
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posted by Joy3570
The cast will be on The Oprah Winfrey hiển thị tomorrow!
On April 7th, The Oprah Winfrey hiển thị will be devoted to all things Glee including interviews with the entire cast and series creator Ryan Murphy, never-before-seen backstage video and show-stopping performances bởi the Glee cast as well as a real hiển thị choir! In order to get Glee những người hâm mộ involved with Oprah’s “Gleemania”, has launched a destination page for all Gleeks where they will find behind the scenes bức ảnh galleries, character guides and Glee I.Q. tests!link
những người hâm mộ were invited to đăng tải video about how they are the biggest Glee fans, and some of them will be shown on air! I know a few GleeForum members and Gleeks who follow me on Twitter were lucky enough to be selected, so we’ll make sure to post the người hâm mộ video after the episode airs.
posted by noahnstar1616
-The tiếp theo Day-
Mr. Schue and Ms.Corocan called for a meeting in the âm nhạc room. When I arrived, everyone was there including Ms. Corocan's group, the Troubletones. I sat tiếp theo to Artie.

"..and that's why we think it's a great idea to have a little friendly competition between the New Directions and the Troubletones", đã đưa ý kiến Mr. Schue.

"That's a great idea, Mr.Schue", I said.

"Yeah. We can did mash-ups", đã đưa ý kiến Finn.

"It's like bạn read my mind, Finn", đã đưa ý kiến Mr. Schue.

"And may the best Glee club win", đã đưa ý kiến Ms. Corocan. She and Mr. Schue shook hands.

-Later That Day-
I was talking to Finn and Rory, when Santana...
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posted by fetchgirl2366
Okay, I'm going to put up a pick to see if bạn all want to tham gia the Gleek of the Week. Then I will put up a forum, and your tiếp theo task is to nominate one person to be Gleek of the Week (without nominating yourself, and no nominating 2 people for the same round). Then I'll put up another pick. For all those who nominate someone, they will get 5 các điểm thưởng each. But whoever gets the most sự bỏ phiếu in the voting pick, I will interview them through messaging. I will ask for the following from each Gleek of the Week:

Top 5 Glee characters: Which are your hàng đầu, đầu trang 5 yêu thích Glee characters in the whole series?
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Heather Morris (Brittany)

Was Brittany originally such an airhead?
No, I was cast as a dancer, the mean girl with Santana. I wasn’t made dumb until the fifth episode.

There are all these hints that she's bisexual.
I try to figure it out and ask questions, but I think they just like to play around with Brittany and Santana.

Do bạn think we'll ever meet Brittany’s family?
She doesn’t even have a last name at this point. I would tình yêu to meet my little sister and mom. I wonder if they're actually really smart people.

Do bạn have a yêu thích Brittany line?
I think my yêu thích is "Dolphins are just...
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posted by fetchgirl2366
(Everyone from New Directions is now in the choir room, discussing their setlist for Nationals. Mr. Schuester gets the class started.)
Mr. Schue: Okay, guys. We're going to try our best to win Nationals this year.
Quinn: Hopefully it'll be better than last year. We Mất tích 12th place, and Finn and Rachel had to hiển thị off.
Rachel: Hey!
Tina: Well, Quinn has a point--
Mr. Schue: Not now, Tina. Rachel, did bạn have an announcement for the class?
(Rachel stands up in front of the class with a grin on her face.)
Rachel: Now as bạn all know, I pretty much choked in my NYADA audition and I'm now clinically depressed....
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(ooooouuuuuuuuhhhh oooouuuhhhoouuhhouhouooouhhouhoouuhhooouuuhhh)

Don't make me over
Now that I'd do anything for you
Don't make me over
Now that bạn know how I adore you

Don't pick all the things I say
All the things I do
Just tình yêu me with all my faults
The way the I tình yêu you
I'm begging you

Don't make me over
Now that I can't make it without you
Don't make me over
I wouldn't change one thing about you

Just take me inside your arms
And hold me tight and always be bởi my side
If I am wrong hoặc right
I'm begging you

Don't make me over
Don't make me over
Now that you've got me at your command
Accept me for what I am...
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Mark Salling sat down with for an exclusive interview at Roosevelt Field Mall in New York on Monday (November 3). Here’s what the 27-year-old Glee stud shared:

JJ: What was it like performing at the World Series?
MS: It was an honor. We were basically riding [on co-star Amber Riley]’s áo, áo khoác tails, and she killed it.

JJ: Tell me about your solo debut Jericho. And are bạn continuing to pursue a solo career?
MS: It was before Glee — it was in early 2008. I produced and developed the tracks on that but I’m always nghề viết văn and performing. It’s just a matter of what Uncle cáo, fox and...
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posted by noahnstar1616
--The tiếp theo Day--
My dad dropped me off at school again. "Thanks Dad", I đã đưa ý kiến while getting out of the car.

"Anytime, sweetie." He drove off.

-inside McKinley-
I saw Rachel talking to Finn. She waved to me, but I just keep walking.

I was still mad at her for not speaking up for Mercedes. Maybe if she had, Mercedes probably wouldn't have left Glee club.

After gathering sách from my locker, I decided to head to Spanish class early. When I got there, I saw a teacher. She was talking to Puck and a blonde girl. Though she wasn't Brittany.

"Please let us babysit Beth", đã đưa ý kiến the blonde girl. Her voice sounded...
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posted by rubberduck2
tiếp theo week the episode Ballad will feature:
the sites where i got my information from have added and got rid of some of the songs on the danh sách so im soooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry if some of these songs arent featured

1.Papa Dont Preach-Madonna
Performed by: Dianna Agron (Quinn)

2.Endless Love-Diana Ross and Lionel Richie
Performed by: Lea Michele and Matt Morrison (Rachel and Mr. Schu)

3.Dont Stand So Close to Me/Young girl-The Police/Gary Puckett and The Union gap (mash up im guessing)
Performed by: Matt Morrison (Mr. Schu)


4. Ill stand...
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Zephyr in the sky at night I wonder
Do my tears of mourning sink beneath the sun
She's got herself a universe gone quickly
For the call of thunder threatens everyone


And I feel like I just got home
And I feel
And I feel like I just got home
And I feel

Faster than the speeding light she's flying
Trying to remember where it all began
She's got herself a little piece of heaven
Waiting for the time when Earth shall be as one


Quicker than a cá đuối, ray of light
Quicker than a cá đuối, ray of light
Quicker than a cá đuối, ray of light


And I feel
Quicker than a cá đuối, ray of light
Then gone for
Someone else shall be there
Through the endless years

She's got herself a universe
She's got herself a universe
She's got herself a universe

And I feel

Quicker than a cá đuối, ray of light she's flying
Quicker than a cá đuối, ray of light I'm flying
1. Finn - Wonderwall
I tình yêu Oasis and I tình yêu link, so I've always wanted to hear it o n Glee. I think Finn would do a great job with it. He's not always my favourite singer on the show, but he surprised me with how much I liked link and I think he could deffinately pull Wonderwall off. It could be just a performance (like link) hoặc be worked into the story - I could see him hát it to Rachel. But really, I can see almost any of the characters hát it. It's been covered bởi link and link and always sounds great. Maybe Mr. Shue? Quinn? Puck? Kurt? Bring it on.
 I don't believe that anybody feels the way I do about bạn now.
I don't believe that anybody...
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 người hâm mộ các sở thích to return for season 4
Fan favorites to return for season 4
Gleeks rejoice! It looks like even though Finn, Rachel and Kurt are graduating from McKinley High this year, they won't be leaving the cast of Glee. Last summer hiển thị creator Ryan Murphy đã đưa ý kiến that the three characters would be moving on from Glee after they graduate and was planning to spin-off another show. Now he's confirmed that người hâm mộ các sở thích Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer will be returning tiếp theo year.

Cory Monteith told The Hollywood Reporter that "Ryan [Murphy] has come up with a brilliant, ground-breaking idea for how to include us graduating high school seniors into tiếp theo season." Lea Michele was excited, telling The Hollywood Reporter, "When we heard Ryan's plan, it really made us even thêm thrilled."

We can't wait to see what these three do after McKinley!
posted by fetchgirl2366
(Mercedes turned back towards the Troubletones and had a different discussion.)
Mercedes: Ladies, we're gonna get those guys. We're becoming stronger bởi the minute, and they're going to get a surprise so unexpecting that they won't see it coming.
Brittany (feeling guilty): I feel as if I should resign.
(The Troubletones all turn towards Brittany, who has her head sunken down.)
Cheerio #1: Why, Brittany?
Santana: Yeah, Brits. We want bạn to stay...well, Sugar doesn't.
Sugar: What? I was the big ngôi sao of this Troubletones group before the three of bạn came here. Besides, although I was eliminated on...
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posted by fetchgirl2366
(The tiếp theo ngày at school, Quinn was at her locker trying to get her textbooks for the tiếp theo class. Some fell to the ground as she tried to retrieve them. At the same time, Artie and Joe came to her and grabbed her stuff for her. Quinn smiled back, trying to hide the shame of her being a wheelchair.)
Artie: bạn need help there, Quinn?
Quinn (to Artie): Thank bạn so much.
Joe: How come bạn didn't get a lower locker?
Quinn: I like my locker.
Joe: Maybe before, but you'll end up straining yourself like that.
Artie (looking up at Joe): She just wants to keep her locker. Is that too much to ask?
(There was...
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American version

For he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow
For he's a jolly good fellow (hold then)(pause), which nobody can deny
Which nobody can deny, which nobody can deny
For he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow
For he's a jolly good fellow (hold then)(pause), which nobody can deny!

British and Australian version

For he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow
For he's a jolly good fellow (pause), and so say all of us
And so say all of us, and so say all of us
For he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow
For he's a jolly good fellow (pause), and so say all of us

and so say all of us
Please not that I am putting them in a VERY rough order, and that when I wrote them I would put them down as I thought of them, so please NO các bình luận ON ORDER!
*just a little note, not important*
I get bored A LOT, and I have thought about making a danh sách of my fav. Glee songs and episodes but thought that most people wouldn't care. Then I realized that I like đọc them and getting their opinion so I thought maybe someone else might. hoặc they just wouldn't read it. So enjoy. Cause I am assuming that bạn find it interesting what someone else thinks and thus aren't gonna make any các bình luận saying...
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