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As we all wait till graduation we are urging to see whats tiếp theo and fast.The up coming episode of Glee is "Props" and "Nationals" and I can`t wait.So Tina bumps her head and imagines the Glee club switching characters.Also with the 2 giờ Glee event is New directions at Nationals guest ngôi sao "Lindsay Lohan" also pops in, as a judge.Lets ll hope "New directions" win!! Below is the danh sách for the swapping characters and more.

Kurt as Finn vise versa.
Puck as Blaine vice versa.
Artie as Santana vice versa.
Mike as Joe vice versa.
Brittany as Mercedes vice versa.
Rory as Sam vice versa.
Tina as Rachel vice versa.
Quinn as Sugar vice versa.
Will as Sue vice versa

I`m not only looking phía trước, chuyển tiếp to the ND âm nhạc but the clothes as well...

By:)Sheerika (sorry for the millions of pictures)
 crazy 2 hours of 2 times the gleeky fun
crazy 2 hours of 2 times the gleeky fun
posted by fetchgirl2366
(Rachel and Kurt were in the hallway, looking at pamphlets sent to them from NYADA. They were both excited about auditioning for one of New York's best colleges for performing arts.)
Rachel: I've been waiting for this moment since my dads took me to see Celine Dion's world tour, "Let's Talk About Love". Kurt, we have to get in.
Kurt: New York is so glorious. It's like just yesterday we were there, prepping for Nationals...(He comes into realization about what happened at Nationals.) And then we Mất tích because bạn had to leave your mark on my brother's face--
Rachel: Now's not the time to discuss...
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Blink of an eye, but link also the coming of spring. linkIn Guangzhou, it is hard to distance can not tell the winter and summer, winter seems to link only just begun, and the breath of spring has been link blowing all the fashionable things Shengelanyao, began to wake up just past her màu hồng, hồng memory. A variety link of được ưa chuộng styles of clothes, colorful, colorful fashion streets flowing link. As if to urge us to hurry into link the embrace of spring.
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Herve Leger was started in France, the romantic country. Therefore, it is obvious that Herve Leger is usually romantic and dreamy, too. If bạn go to some parties during your leisure time, and bạn are going to buy some good dress, Herve Leger is your best váy place the usual elements therefore to their maker connected with style, they’re beautiful and classy, reflect the contours connected with women’s physiques perfectly. If bạn are looking for nice clothes, why do not bạn go and have tried? Herve Leger bandage are with a variety of colors. Herve Leger is known for a lot of...
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posted by noahnstar1616
-in Glee Club-
After Quinn and Artie's performance of "I'm Still Standing", Quinn told us not to feel sorry for her and that bởi Nationals she'll be out of that wheelchair. I noticed how Artie looked uncomfortable when she đã đưa ý kiến that, which made me worried.

-at Booty Camp-
Everyone is kinda shocked that Sue is some how in charge of Booty Camp. Except me. I'm thêm scared than shocked.

"Who are bạn texting, Mercedes", Sue said.

"I'm not texting, I'm voting...for Obamacare." Sue then snatches the phone from Mercedes and throws it across the auditorium, smashing it. "My baby!"

Sue then laid down the rules...
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posted by gleek481
 nna and kevin all cuddly
nna and kevin all cuddly
on screen the Glee cast is one big happy family. no what about off screen. well its kind of the same thing. they spend countlesss giờ together then go hang out together. its a little disgusting and unhealthy lea(rachel) says.

real life besties
who'd be suprised to find out who are real life besties. some not so much.
best Những người bạn on both the hiển thị and in real life are heather morris(brittany) and naya rivera(santana). the two play dinamic duo and secret lesbian những người đang yêu brittany and santana. in real life they really are best friends. its not hard to believe seeing how much chemistry they have...
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A magazine bài viết about Cory and Lea and their possible romance..

Source: OK USA

Cory and Lea: thêm than friends?
They’re infatuated with each other as mismatched high school jock Finn Hudson and drama nerd Rachel Berry on Fox’s hit musical comedy, ‘Glee’, and when the cameras stop rolling, Cory Monteith and Lea Michele are equally in tune.
“Cory is amazing and I tình yêu working with him” Lea, 23, told OK! at the Oct. 31 World Series game at Philadelphia’s Citizens Bank Park, where she and the ‘Glee’ cast members sung the national anthem. “He’s great and he makes me laugh. He’s...
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posted by Annaoth
Are bạn a real GLEEk?

1.After watching an episode of Glee, do bạn randomly burst out into song?

2.Do bạn tell people who don't watch Glee what happened in the last episode and what bạn think could happen next?

3.Do bạn use check/use Glee sites thêm than once a week?

4. Do bạn Suddenly wish there was a Glee Club at your School so bạn could join?

5. Have bạn started calling people names like "lima loser" and "scab-eating mouth-breather"

6. Do bạn totally start yelling at your TV when something frustrating happens to the Glee Club?

7. Do bạn put a vàng ngôi sao after your name every time bạn sign something?...
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(Kurt walked down the hall, rushing to get Blaine and tell him the big news. He finally found him and walked up with an excited face)
Kurt: Yes!
Blaine: What?
Kurt: I'll marry bạn silly. Yes I'll marry you. It took a lot of thinking, but I realized that I am ready. I am so ready because I tình yêu bạn and I want to spend the rest of my life with bạn Blaine.
Blaine: Oh my god Kurt! This is the happiest ngày of my life! I tình yêu bạn too Kurt. Thank bạn for choosing me. I figured some stuff out too. When bạn get into NYADA, we will di chuyển to New York and get married. bạn know since its legalized there. And...
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posted by spikes_girl
This is my ultimate danh sách of dream Beatles covers for the Glee cast! Keyword: dream.

Across the Universe - Jesse
All bạn Need Is tình yêu - New Directions with solos for everybody, like Like A Prayer
Can't Buy Me tình yêu - Puck and Artie
Come Together - Artie
Fixing A Hole - Will
Get Back - Boys of ND. Except Finn.
Girl - Artie
Good ngày Sunshine - Artie
Helter Skelter - Mercedes
Here Comes the Sun - ND with Rachel and Artie on lead
I Want To Hold Your Hand - Artie and Santana
I Want bạn (She's So Heavy) - Puck and Artie
Let It Be - Rachel
Lovely Rita - Jesse, Artie, and Puck
Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds - Jesse and Rachel
Maxwell's Silver Hammer - New Directions with Finn diễn xuất as the people Max hits with his hammer.
Obladi Oblada - New Directions with Rachel and Artie on lead Oh! Darling - Will & the ND boys minus Finn
Something - Artie
dâu, dâu tây Fields Forever - Rachel and Puck
Ticket To Ride - Will
posted by KarlitaJB
Hello all the Gleeks out name is Karly...I'm 15 years old...and well I tình yêu this is my first Glee fanfic...and I tought it would be great to write about one of my yêu thích characters...Rory...!

It Ain't Easy Being Green

My name is Sophie Lucas, I'm 16 years old and my life at McKinley had become a mess. Cheerios talking about their multiples boyfriends, Hockey kids bothering everyone that they just don't like, fighting with Coach Sylvester, Glee kids getting slushied…just a regular ngày at the hallways of my new school....
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 Being as cute as ever.
Being as cute as ever.
I may not know Lea's ngày of birth. I may not know her yêu thích preformance. I may not know any of her Broadway plays. I may not have ever seen them. I may not know everything about Lea. But what I do know is the way I feel about her. I'm in tình yêu with this incredible woman. She's so bold and funny. She's amazing. She's who I dedicate my life to. She's who I look up to. She's who I want to be exactly like in life. Even though I'm nothing like her, neither bold hoặc funny, I still think I am. I have a passion for hát and acting, even though I don't hiển thị it. Lea Michele is my inspriration and I follow my hopes and dreams after her. May God bless this wonderful person and I pray to be like her when I grow up.
 Being as bold as ever.
Being as bold as ever.
 Being as hot as ever.
Being as hot as ever.
(All of the Glee boys--Cory Monteith, Kevin McHale, Chord Overstreet, Mark Salling, Harry Shum Jr., and Chris Colfer--were backstage looking at their scripts. Damian McGinty stepped into the room with Samuel Larsen, one of his friends.)
Chris: Who's the new dude?
Damian: This is my friend, Samuel. He won "The Glee Project" along with me and will be the new face of "Glee".
Samuel (smiling): Way to introduce me, Damo.
Harry (to Mark): Didn't we see him before?
Mark: Wow, you're so difficult to remember things.
Cory: I think he's gonna do great on the show. I heard his music. He's pretty good.
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Tampa vịnh, bay Online has đã đăng an interesting bài viết on Adam Anders, Glee’s âm nhạc producer, all about his rearing in Tampa, his past works, and his arrangements on the show! Check it out below.

TAMPA – “Glee” âm nhạc producer Adam Anders says working on the cáo, fox Broadcasting hit is like putting together a stage production of “Grease” — in a week.
For each episode, he has just over a week to whip six to eight songs into shape for the comical musical drama, which follows the lives and loves of Glee club geeks and their teachers at fictional McKinley High.
“It’s intense but so rewarding...
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Pairing(s), Characters: Rachel/Puck, Glee club
Summary: Rachel finds herself slowly feeling for Puck again while in a relationship with Finn. Yeah, I know, fabulous summary... xD
Disclaimer: I do not own Glee hoặc any of the characters. I do have my own little Puck-bot hidden in my closet though...
WARNING: Rachel and Puck are not Twilight fans. Twihards-- don't freak out at me, okay? Anti-twilighters-- enjoy!


"Your arms are lovely, but... I just don't see us working out." The truth's always hard, and clearly Noah was insane to think they could ever really be together. The part that Rachel...
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It bothers me how whenever a new gay character comes to the hiển thị everyone's like, "Oh no! Klaine's gonna break up!" When a new straight character comes on the hiển thị no one says, "Tike's going to break up :(" It seems like the hiển thị even promotes itself that way sometimes.

Gay guys aren't attracted to every guy they see, just like straight guys aren't attracted to every girl they see.

Too many people think there are huge differences between gay relationships and straight relationships, when in reality, there really isn't.

To my fellow Klaine shippers, I am honestly not worried about the possibility of them breaking up at all. Remember how before On My Way aired it was a big speculation that they may be breaking up? In reality we got some hand-holding and some adorable background moments.

My point is, just because there is (yet again) a new gay character being introduced on the hiển thị doesn't mean Klaine is in danger.
posted by katiegleek
hello everybody,im katie a mega gleek and im going to start up my own stroies.sometimes they might have other những người hâm mộ in if they ask and i can fit them in a few days i will wright a danh sách of chacter and what they are like,if bạn would like to be in plz bình luận with your name hoặc send me a massage and tell me your chacter name and what there example im a 15yr girl who is quinns twin arties sister and who used to live with her mum but died so now she live with her dad.
thans for đọc i u like it tell me and i start writting.
posted by girly_girl
My fave Rachel trích dẫn so far!

Rachel: You're amazing, Mercedes, and bạn deserve it. I'm gonna hug bạn now.

Rachel: [to Quinn] Hey, I know it's not my place, but have bạn had the doctor run the full genetic test panel on your unborn child. I only ask because my cousin Leon and his wife got pregnant and then they found that he was a carrier for Tay-Sachs.

Rachel: I've never told bạn this before, but I'm a little psychic. I can't read minds hoặc anything yet, but I do have a sixth sense.

Rachel: [to Quinn] I'm so sorry. I fully understand if bạn want to beat me up. Just avoid my nose.

Rachel: Aside...
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posted by TempeGeller

A new chapter, a bit shorter than the rest. This only the first day. I'm sorry it took so long before this chapter was done. I hope bạn liked it. The story is not going to be like the hunger games. I want to change a bit.

Quinn, Rachel and all of them are not like the people from the hunger games. So they will also react different. I hope bạn like this story.


Chapter 5: Let the games begin..

Before the bloodbath

Rachel , district 6

Rachel stared at the darkened city, she imagined that her mother could be watching the same sight right now. They were so close together, yet they hadn't set...
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 I feel very happy
I feel very happy
Congrats to Tam on winning this FOTM, she totally deserves it! Enjoy the interview :)

1. Congrats on winning, how do bạn feel?
Aw! Thank you! I feel very happy (:

2. When and how did bạn get into Glee?
Well, I got into Glee because I saw the adds & thought this looks awesome, I watched the first episode and feel in love!

3. Which place on your favourite TV shows danh sách does Glee rank at?
Number 1! But Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a close 2nd!

 I would probably have Quinn&Puck talk about Beth hoặc go visit her
I would probably have Quinn&Puck talk about Beth hoặc go visit her
4. What do bạn think of Season 2 so far? Would bạn change anything?
Season 2 so...
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