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Tinkers here. It seems that new các bức ảnh have surfaced of the set of Glee, originally đã đăng on the “Pictures from the set” thread on! This bức ảnh depicts some sort of dance session at a mall, lead bởi Artie! But…where’s his wheelchair?!
What do bạn think? Dream sequence? hoặc is Artie going to miraculously raise from his wheelchair and bust a few tidy moves? Click on the bức ảnh to view it at full size.
Post below, and click “more” to view the other bức ảnh from the set!
Another photo, looking down on the crew and a couple of Gleeks in between takes. If bạn squint, bạn can clearly see Jenna and Artie in full costume!
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Best. Day. Ever. First off, Quinn asks him to baby-sit with her on Friday. Score! Maybe afterwards she'll finally drop Finn and be with him-- he is the real dad after all, he deserves it. Her whole scheme about Finn's sperm swimming around in a hot tub causing the kid now growing inside of her was crap, and he couldn't believe the dumb đít, mông, ass was actually buying it. But this baby-sitting hợp đồng biểu diễn, gig, biểu diễn was gonna be worth it when she saw what an awesome dad he could be. Puck was a natural with little kids; they adored him. He was like Captain Kirk, in ngôi sao Trek. Except all kids loved him, instead of all the...
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