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Girls' Generation releases additional poster for their 4th solo buổi hòa nhạc 'Phantasia'!

November 10, 2015 @ 8:33 pm

Get yourselves pumped for Girls' Generation's 4th solo concert!

'GIRLS' GENERATION 4th TOUR – Phantasia – in SEOUL' will take place on November 21 and 22 at Seoul's Olympic Gymnastics Stadium.

Their 4th buổi hòa nhạc is well overdue, as their last one was nearly two and a half years cách đây in 2013. Famous choreographer Rino Nakasone, who is known to have worked with Britney Spears and Chris Brown, will be in charge of the concert's choreography.

Their latest album 'Lion Heart' was a total hit, and we're sure những người hâm mộ are thêm than excited to see performances of all the songs in this album and thêm at the Phantasia concert.
 Sooyoung win
Sooyoung win
Sooyoung Wins Excellence Award at ‘2015 Korea Drama Awards’

On October 9th, Sooyoung won the Excellence Award for Actress at the “2015 Korea Drama Awards” for her role as Lee Bomi in “Springtime of My Life”. The MBC drama aired last năm in 2014. Sooyoung was on hand to accept the award as she was also a host for the award hiển thị with actor Oh Sangjin.

các bức ảnh of Sooyoung on the red carpet for the “2015 Korea Drama Awards” are seen in Soshified’s các bức ảnh Section. The “2015 Korea Drama Awards” was broadcast live through the Naver V phone application.

Sources: asiae, tenasia
Taeyeon reaches 5 million followers on Instagram!

The 'kid leader' of Girls' Generation has hit 5 million followers on Instagram!

Taeyeon hit 5 million followers recently, making her one of the few K-Pop artists with 5 million Instagram followers along with EXO's Chanyeol and Big Bang's G-Dragon. She's certainly the first female K-popper to hit 5 million on the social media.

Even better, Taeyeon will soon be debuting as a solo artist quite soon and she's sure to be posting often on her Instagram. If bạn don't follow her yet, make sure to do so here!
posted by tiagih
To most people it is no secret my confusing over SooYoung the "I" shaped member of the group considered sexier then everyone else. I am an American, here the epitome of a sexy is someone with some body fat.

looking at the pic (link)

I know that Koreans are naturally small boned, low body fat, and short. When I ask a fellow SONE who has the sexiest body of SNSD I plan on hearing Yuri, Sunny, hoặc at least Yoona. When I hear Sooyoung the first thing that pops in is "how can someone with no curves and so skinny be sexy". Granted all SNSD are skinny, I am on of those Sones that don't think all...
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SNSD have once again re-written girl group history, this time breaking their own record and setting a new one bởi being the first girl group to exceed 200,000 in album sales.

On November 10, Gaon Chart, which is a certified âm nhạc chart, announced that SNSD’s 3rd full album “The Boys” sold 227,994 albums in the tháng of October. What is even thêm surprising is the fact that because this album was released on October 19, it means that over 200,000 albums was sold within two weeks.

Gaon Chart explained, “The number of albums sold for SNSD’s gần đây album is the highest record yet for a girl...
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I would like to add thêm các bài viết to SNSD.So here goes my một giây article.Seriously I am not biased.Its just my opinion.Hope you'll enjoy it......

I really found out her very plain.I even didn't like her hair.She sounds odd to me.Well,her reactions doesn't suit her.

I hate her hair and absolutely her reaction.Looking deep into her,she looks plain.

Her beauty got stolen bởi this reaction.I really didn't find her pretty.She hasn't got a feel of crying.

That pose doesn't suit her.No reactions in her face was a thing to put her in this place.

Her hair ruins her...
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After hearing some the song, I think people created a mountain out of a molehill. This are my predictions of the song. Hope bạn enjoy them ^^

Full song:

0:42 Tiffany
0:53 Seohyun
0:59 Yuri
1:03 Tiffany
1:09 Yoona
1:14 Tiffany
1:17 Sooyoung
1:20 Tiffany
1:22 Sunny

1:27 Taeyeon/Tiffany
1:30 Taeyeon
1:37 Tiffany
1:41 Sunny/Tiffany
1:44 Jessica

1:52 Tiffany
1:54 Hyoyeon
2:00 Sooyoung
2:05 Hyoyeon
2:10 Yuri
2:15 Sunny/Yuri
2:21 Seohyun
2:23 Jessica
2:27 Seohyun
2:29 Taeyeon

2:33 Sunny/Tiffany
2:37 Tiffany
2:39 Tiffany - Maybe alone hoặc with someone, I'm not sure here
2:43 Taeyeon/Sunny...
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I've seen recently some pools of pa92 and I want to make before the results a pre-list. So here are the pools I've made before:

Best: Yuri, Taeyeon, Tiffany
Okay: Hyoyeon, Sunny
Worst: Seohyun, Yoona, Sooyoung, Jessica

INTW Photoshoot:
Best: Sunny, Yuri, Tiffany, Jessica
Okay: Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Yoona
Worst: Seohyun, Taeyeon

Kissing You:
Best: Sooyoung
Okay: Sunny, Tiffany, Yuri
Worst: Hyoyeon, Yoona, Jessica, Seohyun, Taeyeon

Girl's Generation MV:
Best: Sooyoung, Yuri, Tiffany
Okay: Taeyeon, Sunny
Worst: Hyoyeon, Yoona, Seohyun, Jessica

Girl's Generation Photoshoot:
Best: Tiffany, Hyoyeon
Okay: Yuri,...
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Now we di chuyển on to HaHaHa


Number 9-Hyoyeon
I really don't think Hyoyeon looked the worst, true, her hairstyle isn't that great but i feel like a certain member looked way worse (you know who i'm talking about).
Still, i can't complain about Hyoyeon's position. She didn't stand out that much and her face looks so awkward.

Number 8-Tiffany
Geez, why am i not surprised? i feel like Tiffany and number 8 match so well, don't bạn think? =)
Like, seriously? Tiffany looked absolutely gorgeous. hàng đầu, đầu trang 3 for sure. The ponytail makes her look even prettier....
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Now we di chuyển on to kissing you


Number 9-Hyoyeon
This wasn't a surprise, the majority of Sones agrees that Hyoyeon looks the worst (including me). The hairstyle is ugly and her face looks odd
 [img1 center, large]
[img1 center, large]

Number 8-Tiffany
To be honest, i don't even know what to say. bạn really have to be a Tiffany hater, if bạn actually think she looks ugly in this MV. i mean, look at her. She looks gorgeous, for god's sake...this is one of the most silly positions i've ever seen. Her hair looks cute and her face looks so beautiful. i'm really sad and angry...
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So, here are the results of the prettiest SNSD members in Girls' generation MV, voted bởi sones


Number 9- Seohyun
I agree with this placement, i think she looks the least attractive. bạn can tell that our maknae grew up really well afterwards. But in this MV, she still looked kinda awkward. Besides, bangs don't really suit her
 [img1 center, large]
[img1 center, large]

Number 8- Tiffany
As we all know, Tiffany has the most haters in this club, so it doesn't surprise me that she's in this position. Personally, i think she looked gorgeous, the một giây prettiest in this...
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SNSD will host their own TV hiển thị with new cable channel jTBC, it was announced on November 15. The hiển thị tentatively titled “SNSD Show” will have all nine members as the main host, making them the first K-Pop girl group to have their own show. In Japan, idol band SMAP has their own TV show, “SMAP X SMAP,” but no idol band has hosted its own hiển thị in Korea yet.

The hiển thị is scheduled to air every Sunday from 7PM to 9:10PM. The broadcaster declined to mention the exact ngày of the show’s first episode, but it is expected to be soon as jTBC is launching its channel on December 1. bởi picking...
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Taeyeon's Perspective

Being Những người bạn with a fiery Aries can be an exhausting but rewarding experience. The Ram has boundless energy and will take bạn along on some of their many adventures. You'll never know what you're in for with this pal -- on Monday it could be skydiving, Tuesday might be bungee jumping and so on and so forth. And while you'd never seek out such thrills on your own, bạn have to admit that some of your most thrilling experiences have come courtesy of Aries. And though the Ram may never admit it, this pal admires your willingness to try anything once. True, bạn don't appreciate...
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At a press conference on August 10th at the Grand Hilton Hotel in Hongeun-dong,Seodaemun-gu in Seoul,Japan's hàng đầu, đầu trang idol,Kinki Kids'Koichi Domoto talked about SNSD and KARA,two groups that are hugely được ưa chuộng in Nhật Bản right now.

Koichi Domoto said,[I had been on a program with KARA before but as for SNSD,I only managed to meet them briefly.At the same time,looking at their activeness in pursuing various areas,I think they are pretty amazing.I try to calm myself as I still feel nervous before going up on stage but it looks like they do not tremble and manage to deliver great and enjoyable performances].

He then praised the girls bởi saying,[They are really awesome].

Looks like the girls hard work is leading to extreme success since their entrance into the Japanese market!
The girls from SNSD recently appeared on the hiển thị “Ousama no Brunch” to talk about their new album with reporter Marina.

The girls spoke some English and talked about the Mr. Taxi dance, the foods they want to try, and their yêu thích places in Nhật Bản so far.

Marina: Everyone speaks Japanese, don’t you?

Girls: Just a little bit…

Marina: Who’s the one that can speak the most?

Girls: It’s Sooyoung, she’s the best.

Marina: bạn can pretty much speak, then?

Sooyoung: Well, just everyday conversation.

Marina: Are bạn studying right now?

Sooyoung: Yes, everyone is doing their best to study hard....
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posted by luv_warriorcatz
Meaning behind the lyrics:
I'm guessing it's about the girl who's so madly in tình yêu with a guy that she can't say confess hr love. hoặc it's probably about the girl who wants the guy to confess himself. I think it's the first one.

The song is catchy. I guess that's all there is about it. Nothing too great. It's really catchy and the english lyrics in the beginning bởi Jessica and Tiffany adds to it. There's no part for the powerhouse vocals to kick it. Except maybe the last part when they were all hát the chorus. That was when Taeyeon was hát her part. Don't know how to say it. But...
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 FM ngày
FM Date
Park Ji Yoon to take over Girls' Generation Sunny's DJ spot on 'FM Date'

November 10, 2015 @ 2:33 am

Singer Park Ji Yoon is taking over Girls' Generation Sunny's DJ spot on MBC radio hiển thị 'FM Date'.

A rep from the hiển thị confirmed the news on November 10, revealing that listeners will be hearing Park Ji Yoon's voice from 8-10 PM KST. Starting from the 16th, Sunny will no longer be manning the show, which may disappoint many of her fans.

Sunny's leave is reported to be due to Girls' Generation's overseas schedule.

Stay tuned for Park Ji Yoon on 'FM Date'!
SNSD Taeyeon's oppa shares a bức ảnh with her

Taeyeon's handsome older brother Kim Jiwoong uploads a bức ảnh on his instagram together with his sister Taeyeon. những người hâm mộ speculate Taeyeon and her oppa spent time together in New Zealand along with their parents, probably during Chuseok holidays. In the bức ảnh he shares, Taeyeon has her back for the camera while Jiwoong makes his pose. He captions, "The ace siblings of Hogwarts".

Taeyeon is wearing a black boots and black scarf covering her body while Jiwoong is looking cool in black hoodie and cargo shorts. Meanwhile, this is the first time a bức ảnh of Taeyeon and her oppa together is shared publicly after she debuted.
This is only one installment. No part 2, no chapters, just this one thing!

Song Playing: link
I never knew what tình yêu could do to me.
Did it come bởi chance? Coincidence?
Well, that didn't last long.
Let me introduce myself.
I'm Im Yoona. Yes, that's my real name. Don't judge me.
And this is my time with him... Ok Taecyeon.

Song Playing: link
The first time I met him... I thought he would be the one for me.
His eyes, his body, his smile... I thought he had everything a girl could ask for.
That was the first time I noticed him in that way. Remembering how much I adored him and wished for him to notice me....
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posted by snsd_hyo
1.Sunny claims that Taeyeon looks shorter than her because of their body proportions

2. Sunny bunny's height is 158cm (5.2 ft), BUT!!! she revealed her real height was 155cm (5.1 ft)!

3. Sunny is only 2 CM shorter than Taeyeon making Sunny the shortest in the group.

4.She shares the same birthday as her two older sisters and mother!

5. She enjoys playing games, including video games and sports. Along with Hyoyeon she is one of the best long distance runners among SNSD.

6. She has a crush on Daniel Henney and even got a hug from him.
[daniel henney : link

7. She has astigmatism in both eyes

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