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Hi S♥NEs! So today is August 3rd, just two days away from SNSD's 7th anniversary! It it simply amazing how much growing support and tình yêu they receive each passing year! Since this is my first anniversary with SNSD, I hope to make it a special one <3

I can't really take credit for nghề viết văn these articles, since it was all of bạn who wrote these sincere and sweet messages.


How the các bài viết will be formatted:

- This message is the first out of a total of 3 articles.
- There will be messages for four members for the first message. The một giây message have messages for five members. The final message will be for SNSD as a group.
- Underneath a picture of a member, there will be a special message from me and other fans.
- The quotation marks of each quote is linked to the fan's thông tin các nhân page.
- Sentences without quotation marks, that are not linked, are my messages to them.

Finally, without further ado, let's get to the main part of this article. ^^

Our beautiful Ice Princess; Jessica Jung:

 ɞ People might say bạn are cold, but bạn have one of the warmest hearts. ʚ
ɞ People might say bạn are cold, but bạn have one of the warmest hearts. ʚ

linkDearest Jessica, I always wonder how bạn can be so perfect! It's like every hoa in the world would tình yêu to be as beautiful as you!link Even though others may misunderstand you, always know that us, S♥NEs, will be there for you, through the high and the low times of life. We những người hâm mộ tình yêu bạn for the person bạn are. linkNobody can take away your position from our linkAlways tình yêu yourself, smile often, and cheer up! ♥link For we hope that the time we spend with you, will last many thêm years.

linkI tình yêu bạn Sica unnie. Happy 7th Anniversary, my dear Jessica!link

Tiffany Hwang; our one and only Eye Smile Princess:

 ɞ Your smile is what changed our world. May the world never change your ever-beautiful smile. ʚ
ɞ Your smile is what changed our world. May the world never change your ever-beautiful smile. ʚ

linkFrom watching many of SNSD's performances I realized that bạn are always giving your all, which is why you, Tiffany, became one of my biggest 'In the face of negativity, smile. Don't let them see bạn down.' Because of what bạn said, I will always remember bạn as the one who encouraged me through the times when I was on my own. ♥ I tình yêu how strong bạn are and that's why many tình yêu you. linkNo matter what troubles come your way, bạn NEVER gave bạn truly are an inspiration to many.

bạn outshine even the brightest of gems. Happy 7th Anniversary Tiffany unnie!

For our beautiful Black Pearl, Yuri:

 ɞ Yuri, we tình yêu your perfect imperfections. We tình yêu bạn for just being you. ʚ
ɞ Yuri, we tình yêu your perfect imperfections. We tình yêu bạn for just being you. ʚ

linkYuri, thank bạn for your hard work and congratulations on your linkI'm proud of Yuri. For being so imperfect, but perfect in our eyes, for being that Yuri that makes me tình yêu her thêm with each passing linkI tình yêu almost everything about Yuri from her hát to her personality. She makes me smile so linkI'm thankful to bạn for making me happier than I was linkI tình yêu bạn because bạn are simply amazing!link

We tình yêu bạn Yuri. ♥ Don't ever forget that. Happy 7th Anniversary, Yuri Unnie!

Last but not least, SNSD's Dancing Queen, Hyoyeon:

 ɞ Your steps, your moves they're all priceless. bạn are our one and only Dancing Queen. ʚ
ɞ Your steps, your moves they're all priceless. bạn are our one and only Dancing Queen. ʚ

linkHyoyeon, bạn are so special to And to all the Hyohunnies in the world! linkYou also became such a pretty lady!link Your dancing can mesmerize anyone, and bạn are one of the most talented people I've ever come across! linkBecause of your funny personality and your efforts to always give your best, many of us became a

linkAlways stay true to yourself because there are always people who will be true to you. Remember that bạn are braver than bạn believe, stronger than bạn seem, and smarter than bạn linkNo matter what happens, when bạn look at your back, we những người hâm mộ will always be there for you. Even if bạn fall, we will always be there too .link Happy 7th Anniversary, Hyoyeon unnie!


Gorjess Spazzers:
- rinri1406
- Jesmile
- leva0311
- Shawoltaemint
- disangi

- K-PopXD
- Tippany

- BlackPearlLuver
- milli893
- mnpl

- snsdhyo
- sandra311

 Happy 7th Anniversary!!
Happy 7th Anniversary!!

A big thank bạn to all of bạn who helped me with the article! I literally couldn't have made this bài viết possible without all your help.♥♥♥

Please remember to người hâm mộ this bài viết if bạn liked it... hoặc not LOL – Liên minh huyền thoại xD
Well it's up to you~
And if bạn read this far, thanks so much.
I know this bài viết was probably really mushy and cheesy. But it's all true <333
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It appears Taeyeon is enjoying a well deserved vacation in the United Kingdom.

The Girls’ Generation leader đã đăng a series of các bức ảnh onto her Instagram earlier today of her journey to London.

In the first photo, she informed her những người hâm mộ where she was bởi writing, “#Sunny weather #UK“.

She also wrote, “^^^^ #UK” and shared a few các bức ảnh taken on Tothill đường phố, street in Luân Đôn as well as in front of the beautiful Gô tích church, Westminster Abbey.

[Get thêm SNSD's news and những thông tin cập nhập from]
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Over the last năm my beauty ranking has changed a little, apart from the hàng đầu, đầu trang 4. The others have either gone down hoặc gone up.

2013 beauty ranking
1. Hyoyeon
2. Taeyeon
3. Jessica
4. Tiffany
5. Yuri
6. Seohyun
7. Sunny
8. Sooyoung
9. Yoona

2014 beauty ranking

1. Hyoyeon - this will never change!!!!

2. Taeyeon - another one I'll always love!!

3. Jessica - even though she's gone, she's still one of my favourites!!

4. Tiffany - I don't know why people think she's ugly, I've always thought she was beautiful!!

5. Sunny - I didn't really like her with short hair and the ever changing hair colour was off putting....
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Sunny plz
girls generation
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girls generation
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This is only one installment. No part 2, no chapters, just this one thing!

Song Playing: link
I never knew what tình yêu could do to me.
Did it come bởi chance? Coincidence?
Well, that didn't last long.
Let me introduce myself.
I'm Im Yoona. Yes, that's my real name. Don't judge me.
And this is my time with him... Ok Taecyeon.

Song Playing: link
The first time I met him... I thought he would be the one for me.
His eyes, his body, his smile... I thought he had everything a girl could ask for.
That was the first time I noticed him in that way. Remembering how much I adored him and wished for him to notice me....
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