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fred:helloo judy would u like a nước ép, nước trái cây box
judy:no but i would like a kiss
fred:ok judy ill Kiss u :*
judy:*kisses back*
kevin:*sees judy and Fred kissing* NOOOOO!!! MY LIFE IS RUNINED!!!!
Fred and judy are still kissing unitil i came in
me:*knoks on door*
fred:*quits kissing judy*oh ill get that
fred: *awakes door* hello?
fred:ow do u know my name GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!
me::O *cries*
fred:*looks out door* oh my gammit i mad eher cry NOO!! *makes me feel better*
fred:oh sorry cous
me:its ok
fred:*awakes* *is kissing bed*
fred:HUH WHA AW MAN! it was just a dream
me:hi fred
and they were screaming til 4 weeks later the end
posted by TheGece
Fred get stubled down the stairs half awake to get his cereal for breakfast.Ever since summer passed,his summer crush Sadeena was living tiếp theo door to him.After breakfast he stumbled outside to find her walking near his front door.
"Oh xin chào Sadeena." Fred đã đưa ý kiến excitedly.
"Hey Fred." đã đưa ý kiến Sadeena, unhappy.
"Whats wrong?"Fred asked,acting as if he knew her forever.
"All my Những người bạn are going to this party and I can't." Sadeena explained.
"Too bad,do bạn wanna come over that night?"
"I'd tình yêu to!" Sadeena đã đưa ý kiến hugging him.
"See bạn then." he đã đưa ý kiến before walking his path to hs Highscool.

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posted by TVAuthor
“Mom! My toenails do not have fungus. I don’t need them to trim them,” Fred screamed. A tall man greeted them. “Today we’re doing the regular,” Janet, Fred’s mom announced in her high pitched voice. “No we aren’t! No, no, no!” Fred screeched. He picked up hair spray from the big shelf as soon as his mom left. “Don’t make me use it!” threatened Fred. “Would bạn like a cookie, hoặc some lemonade?” The tall man asked. Fred grabbed for the bánh quy, cookie from where he was. The trey slid and burst on the ground. Fred reached down and got a cookie. “Owwie! I’m gonna sue you...
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posted by silversgirl1
One beautiful ngày Fred was making a video when he heard a knock on the door.

Fred:i wonder who it is?

Ivy:Fred?Fred Figglehorn are bạn there?

Fred: How do bạn know my name?

Ivy:because i'm your sister.
Fred was so shocked he went into a panic mood.

Fred:AH AH AH!

Ivy:Fred let me in!

Fred: no!

Ivy:please...Fred..please(stars crying)

Fred:*opens door*hello oh my gamit!*sees his sis crying*

Ivy:Fred? *looks up* Fred! *hugs*

Fred: your my sis?

Ivy:yes,i'm Ivy*notices camera* your making a video?

Fred:yeah u want to be in it?

Ivy: heck yeah.

*PART 2 coming soon*
*screen goes black then Fred and ivy come out*

Fred and Ivy:*screams*
*screen goes black but u hear voices*
Fred:I like u being my sis
Ivy: me too
“I don’t know why I’m here,” Fred sweetly said, twiddling his thumbs. “My mom gave me $50 to come here,”
    His therapist, Sarah, smiled at him. “Well, since you’re here-,” she began,
    “Do bạn have any juice?” Fred was thirsty since his mom made him walk here. Sarah shook her head.
    “No, sorry I don’t. Anyway-,” Sarah calmly said,
    “I-WANT-JUICE!” Fred screamed at Sarah stomping his foot.
    “Ok, I’ll get bạn some water,” Sarah said, standing up....
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