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Aren't Fred and Mel THE best skating couple of all time? Not only are they fantastic on the ice, they're brilliant off the ice too!!!!
Did anyone see that episode of Dancing on Ice, 2010, where the Saturdays preformed Ego and Fred and Mel did a routine to it? It was, like, the best thing eva!!! They were so good!!! Their lifts and choreography are always brilliant, and their connection is fantastic. Well, one would hope it would be seeing as they're married!
And that's the best thing about them! Their story is so cute! Especially how Fred used to fly to England once Mel went there to see her! He was only a student, it must have cost him a fortune!!! Now that's true love!!! It's like they were meant to be together! Like that first competition that they met at...the chances of it! They're just so perfect for each other!
They're so kind and refined too....
I just tình yêu em!!!!!
And, if you're looking at this site, I guess bạn do too!!!!
Fred and Mel 4 eva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!