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posted by Lie_to_Me_123
Nearness of You

Driving off in a winnebago. It was the typical happy ending. Except they were only just embarking on the beginning. God knows, it had been a long, treacherous journey to get to the point of deliriousness they currently inhabited. Even though so many hearts had been broken, including theirs, it all seemed worth it for what they had now. Together.

After what seemed like an eternity in each others arms, they awoke from their slumber, but neither moved willingly. The sight of Niles' perfect face, smiling at her, took her breath away. She couldn't believe how lucky she was. Here she...
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Goodnight and Goodbye

He shut the door silently behind him, but not enough for her to hear his fragile tim, trái tim breaking.

When he re-entered the hotel room from the balcony, a sea of faces greeted him. "Do bạn wanna drink?" Simon gargled, as soon as he saw Niles' worn face.

He embarked to his room, without another word to Simon hoặc any other members of Daphnes family. As soon as he stepped through the frame, he saw Mel in bed, waiting for him. She put down the book she was reading, on the side bàn and elegantly unblanketed herself from under the covers.
She embraced him and a warm smile spread...
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posted by Lie_to_Me_123
Welcome to my World

It was the only release from the after the other he drank, until,eventually, the whole bottle was empty.

A Few Hours Before

The tophats stood out the severity of his situation was addressed bởi the black Luật sư đấu trí and the hankerchief, damp from his world had turned around axis was spinning out of control and he was on the edge, clinging on for dear life.

The door was his worst enemy. But what was behind it was his worst felt like a lifetime to get to his destiny. His fingers ached and trembled as he placed them on the handle and he gently clutched his side pocket. He swung the door...
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posted by Lie_to_Me_123
Chapter 2
He woke with Eddie lingering over him and Martin at the end of the bed.

"Oh, God" he muttered, stretching. Frasier was nowhere to be seen.

"What happened, son?" Martin inquired.

"To be honest dad, it is all a bit of a blur. Daphne rejected me." The look of pity of Martins face made Niles believe he felt truly sorry for him. He knew his father wasn't the most supportive when it came to him and Daphne, but he still appreciated the fact that he didn't say 'I told bạn so!'.

He could still remember the argument he and Martin had had about four years ago, and deep down he knew that his father...
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posted by CarpeNocturnum
Why are all the things Frasier does to break the law supposed to be funny. He lies - spies on people with his telescope - tells a boy to put fiberglass in his brothers giường - and in general is just creepy - not to mention giving Lời khuyên as a therapist whose patients should have doctor patient privileges - I can't say I don't get any laughs out of the show. However it gets hard to watch the cringe worthy episodes. Not to mention the scenes with Niles in them are far funnier that anything Frasier says. And what about Roz still looking to score right after she had a baby. She should be working on establishing a relationship with her daughter not looking to jump into giường with another stranger
posted by Lie_to_Me_123
Goodnight and Goodbye - Chapter 3
How can bạn want a night to never end but hurry up, all at the same time? That's what he wanted thêm than anything, but he didn't know which yet. Wanting the night to never end, a token of his desire for Daphne to rethink her decision and for the wedding to never be in reach. Then again, it going quicker would symbolise a new day, new beginnings.

The night to never end is what he wanted. If a new ngày dawned, it would mean a new life. A life without Daphne, and whatever had happened here tonight, he couldn't chịu, gấu the thought of it.

He'd strolled round and round...
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posted by Lie_to_Me_123
Two years Later

The door hung dangerously bởi it's one remaining hinge, but behind it lay a secret too terrible to imagine.

He staggered through, the time was 1:30AM. His mother always told him that nothing good happens after 2AM, so he thought it best to get in was on the brink of being drunk, but he was not quite there. Yet.

The pain was unbearable. She was gone from his world. She was gone from everybody's world. The curtains were hanging, tattered and ripped, swaying from side to side. The rotten wooden window ledge was full of fatal wood worm. The window was open widely, bringing in the brisk,...
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