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"On what should have been a "typical ngày at the races" for McKinley Speedway, Nick O'Bannon (Bobby Campo) has a grisly premonition of a race car fatally crashing and sending debris into the stands, gruesomely killing his friends, and causing an overhang to collapse on him. He awakens, not being able to shake the feeling of how real his vision appeared, he panics, and just in time, persuades the group of teenagers to leave the bleachers. Immediately afterward objects begin to fly into the public as his frightening dream turns into a tragic reality. Unfortunately for Nick, alongside his girlfriend Lori (Shantel VanSanten) and her best friend Janet (Haley Webb), this is only the beginning. As the survivors begin to die one-by-one in even thêm terrifying ways than they had originally, Nick must figure out how to cheat Death once and for all before he too reaches his final destination." (Source: Wikipedia)
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final destination
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this movie is about a car crash at the McKinley speedway and Nick (Bobby Campo) has a vision that it all is going to be true with what this thriller movie is about Những người bạn trying to cheat death but it ends up a disaster who will survive death and who won't bạn got see it to find out. buy the movie in stores today hoặc later but hurry before they sell out and bạn miss the movie so hurry before death is gone.Oh yah one thêm thing the actors hoặc Bobby Campo Shantal VanSaten Haley Webb and thêm don't miss the horror the action the deaths and the 3D.
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