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posted by nikkiluvzu
    Miguel woke first. It was really early. Maybe 4 in the morning. They had barely slept at all. But the áo sơ mi he had được trao her lay open, astray on the bed. A corset lay on the floor. What had he done?! She lay holding his arm. Her chest was bare. He wanted look so bad! But it was not right.. Was it? He slid out of bed. She didn't di chuyển . He walked over to his dresser and got a new pair of clothes. The window was closed for once. And he got dressed.
    Gabby rustled the sheets in the bed. Miguel turned around and saw her peeking out from under the...
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posted by Knowitall123
There is a tradition in the Nabéshima family (of the Hizen daimyo) that, many years ago, the Prince of Hizen was Cô vợ phù thủy and cursed bởi a cat that had been kept bởi one of his retainers. This prince had in his house a lady of rare beauty, called O Toyo: amongst all his ladies she was the favourite, and there was none who could rival her charms and accomplishments. One ngày the Prince went out into the garden with O Toyo, and remained enjoying the fragrance of the hoa until sunset, when they returned to the palace, never noticing that they were being followed bởi a large cat. Having parted...
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posted by sickla
i tình yêu fanstasy for these reasons. helps me go into my own perfect world.

2.i can express how i feel about others.[punch them ect.]

3.i can make my own creatures.

4.i can be a witche hoặc a demigod hoặc anything else.

5.if i want a villan he'll be exactly how i want him to be.

6.if i want a heroe he'll be exactly how i want him.

that is why i tình yêu fanstasty. any thing i want will come true. i can be who i want to be. i can do what i want t do. spell how i want to spell.[just kidding]
Sorry, Im not the leader of this fanpop spot, but it seriously irked me, when I saw a poll, won bởi a fricken vampire just because of a bunch of Twilight people. Get a grip. We see enough of that garbage other places. Maybe we come here for real Vampires. Real ones dont sparkle in the sun. They cant survive in the sun. That is one of the things that kills them. Along with a stake through the tim, trái tim hoặc other folklore myths. But please if bạn have to talk twilight leave it at the Twilight spot. This is for real fantaisie Vampires. I keep looking for a áo sơ mi that says Team Dracula, when I find it Im going to wear it, cause that guy is the true Vampire far above the cullens. Just as the Wolfman is far above Mr. Black.
Chapter 1- Star

On a warm summers evening, (all that once upon a time thing makes me feel sick, I swear) the secret Hultimore đường phố, street was silent, with exceptions of course. The crunch of gravel under the feet of a lonely traveller was amiss.
The One.
People would do anything to be away from him. This man was different. He was the type of person that hated to be thought the same as anyone else so he made sure everyone knew he was different from every single being, he was most powerful. But that was about to change.
Carol Beech was expecting a baby in any minute. She was sat in a red armchair...
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I wrote this about ten years ago. This was written last and I struggled with inspiration. I originally based it on the negative effects caused bởi the sun resulting in hospitalised sunstroke. That took a horrific direction. Since then I have edited it a little. It's not perfect but it's better than it was. I don't have the energy to rewrite the whole thing. So I'm sorry if it's bad compared to others, which I enjoyed writing. I tried.

Summer Maiden

Dawn awakens

fresh air breezes are blown away

a bright sun emerges

creating a fine summer's day

The divine siren

of the hottest sun

laughs down at everyone...
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I wrote this about ten years ago. It's the first poem of a four part series.

Spring Maiden

A new dawn rises
clear skies all around
the birds chirp and sing
for the birth of the first ngày of spring

The sun shines brightly
upon fresh green leaves
wild hoa bloom in the woods
as different kinds of blossom awaken
upon the new branches of the trees

In the south is a river
the breeze is warm and at it's best
silver waterfalls shimmer in the sunlight
pixies, dwarfs and nymphs come out to cause mischief
before their beloved spring ends

Deep in the woods
within the hoa beds
lies a beautiful faery
with golden hair...
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posted by Dreamyunicorn
Hi, this is my first bài viết ever ! and please call me unknown i tình yêu fantaisie i believe in magic and i'm 14 years old , i'v read a lot of fantaisie guides that has a lot of fantaisie creatures story's from all different kind of fair folks but this one charms me the most ! ;) okay so the selkie is a water spirit, she's so beautiful, now the selkie's can take off there skin! , and once upon a time there was three selkie Những người bạn they were all beautiful females , one ngày the three Những người bạn went outside of the sea toke off there skin and started to dance naked ! they almost do that every night hoặc weekend...
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posted by DragonAura15
Chapter Seven
Welcome to the Forest

When I got to the right place, Chester was waiting for me.
"Well, hi!" Chester greeted me. "Glad you're here. Ooh, bạn brought snacks?" he added, swiping some Chex Mix from my bag.
"Hey!" I protested. Then, I sighed. "Oh, well. If bạn hadn't taken that, I'm sure that Toby would've."
    "Exactly!" Chester agreed. "And I just prevented that from happening. You're welcome."
    I rolled my eyes. "Are bạn really trying to take credit for being a good friend right now?"
    "Maybe," he answered tersely....
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posted by elsafan1010
"It's raining guys! It's pretty strong already, so how about a break from the race?" the duty teacher advised. Despite saying this, she was without an umbrella and was wearing a thin, short dress.

"Whatever happens, that Sô cô la will be mine!" đã đưa ý kiến Candy.

"No, it will be mine!" ' Justin snapped.

" Whoever has the chocolate, the vegetables are important! So eat lots of vegetables like broccoli, carrots and the like." ' the duty teacher advised. Her blond hair was already stuck to her face, and her dress was wet.

Benny, Justin, Andy, Clara, Candy, Zoe and Thomas thought the teacher had no taste...
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posted by elsafan1010
Jane couldn't believe it. Jane couldn't believe her bad luck. Jane couldn't believe why she was put on the same team as her opponent. Moreover, Mrs. Kenner knew that Jane's worst enemy was Andy Lana. She could already imagine Andy hugging that red goldfish lance and stringing acorns together on a steel rope. Jane hugged Luisa for relief.

"Can't I at least be on the same team as Thomas?" ' asked Jane.

Mrs. Kenner shook her head no.

"I know you're in tình yêu with Thomas Williams. Your mom and dad know too. If bạn don't want Thomas to find out, grab the steel rope right now and go to the garden with...
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posted by elsafan1010
Vampires. Two long, pointed teeth. Bloodthirsty creatures. Monsters. Garlic and sun enemies. Aren't these the first things that come to mind when bạn think of a vampire? No, bạn shouldn't first think of blood, sun enemies, hoặc hateful monsters. Every vampire has a unique backstory, a painful event, and then a vow to never leave himself pitiful again. Jane thought just like bạn before she became a vampire. This is Jane's story. I just have to warn you, happy endings only happen in fairy tales. This isn't a fairy tale, it's a vampire story.

After Miss Kenner took attendance, she asked the students...
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Winter Maiden

She walks in the night
while the crows are flying high
each one looks at her
staring into her eyes

She came from the north
where icy wind never sets
her lips are blue
her eyes sparkle
like the moon in the west

She walks in the winter
in the mountains at night
she cries Nữ hoàng băng giá tears
that haven't been blessed yet.

She could kill bạn instantly
with her Nữ hoàng băng giá breath
she is the Winter maiden
the daughter of death.

She has hair as white as snow
with silver eyes
staring at the ocean
as winter dies.

She's never seen in spring
because she can't see in the light
in the spring her hair melts
and her eyes shatter in fright.
posted by Knowitall123

Each Uisge (Scottish) - Malevolent water horse
Eachy (English and Scottish) - Humanoid lake monster
Eagle Spirit (Many cultures worldwide) - Leadership hoặc guidance totem
Ebu Gogo (Flores) - Diminutive humanoids, possibly inspired bởi Homo floresiensis
Echeneis (Medieval Bestiaries) - Remora, đã đưa ý kiến to attach to ships to slow them down
Edimmu (Sumerian) - Ghosts of those not buried properly
Egbere (Yoruba) - Humanoid that carries a magical mat
Einherjar (Norse) - Spirits of Công chúa tóc xù warriors
Ekek (Philippine) - Flesh-eating, winged humanoids
Elbow Witch (Ojibwa) - Hags with awls in their elbows...
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I was inspired bởi teddybear64's danh sách of magical creaures, so I decided to make one of my own.

I tình yêu magic and magical creatures because everything is always so different. Magic is amazing because it shows how differently the world thinks. Some believe in faries, others believe in dragons. I believe in all of it, I want it to be real.

I made this danh sách to hiển thị my yêu thích creatures. I like nghề viết văn about fantasy, so these are mostly creatures I use.

Magic is love! I tình yêu using my imagination to create new worlds. The feeling is amazing!

Feel free to use any of the pictures:)
I found them on Google!

And Furthermore...

Plz read!
 #10 ma cà rồng
#10 Vampires
 #9 Kỳ lân
#9 Unicorns
 #7 Cerberus
#7 Cerberus
 #6 Phoenix
#6 Phoenix
 #6 Gryphons
#6 Gryphons
 #5 Những nàng tiên cá
#5 Mermaids
 #4 Sorcerors/Sorceress
#4 Sorcerors/Sorceress
 #3 Faries
#3 Faries
 #2 Những câu chuyện về rồng
#2 Dragons
 #1 ma sói
#1 Werewolves
Autumn Maiden

One ngày in Summer
a girl walks by
she is a princess bởi day
she is a maiden bởi night.

Her hair is red
red as the ngọn lửa, chữa cháy of Autumn leaves
gold in the sunbeams.

She is a beautiful maiden
her tim, trái tim is as good as gold
she is a fair witch
whose magic never gets old.

She is an Chuyện thần tiên ở New York season
her soul is golden red
just like the autumn leaves
that fall onto the hoa beds.

She dances in fire
For her fiery nature cannot be burned
she maybe a good person but does have a short temper.

She is a serious person
who will not be teased
if bạn put pressure on her
the fiery inferno temper will be unleashed.

She wears...
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posted by Knowitall123


Iannic-ann-ôd (Breton) - Ghost of a drowned person
Iara (Brazilian) - Female water spirit
Ibong Adarna (Philippine) - Bird that changes color each time it finishes a song
Ichimoku-nyūdō (Japanese) - One-eyed kappa from Sado Island
Ichiren-Bozu (Japanese) - Animated prayer beads
Ichneumon (Medieval Bestiaries) - Dragon-killing animal
Ichthyocentaur (Greek) - Human-fish hybrid
Iele (Romanian) - Female nature spirits
Ifrit (Arabian) - ngọn lửa, chữa cháy genie
Ijiraq (Inuit) - Spirit that kidnaps children
Ikiryō (Japanese) - can be considered a 'living ghost', as it is a person's spirit outside their...
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posted by nikkiluvzu
    Miguel awoke slowly in a deep sleep endused fog. The cold was coming from the window. Hadn't he closed it? "Oh my God!!" he yelled. "It's already 7:30?! I am so late!"
He was supposed to have woken up at 5:30. His aunt, Mrs. Bangenlle, as she made him call her, had a specific time to wake up hoặc bạn where not fed. Though he was usually good at waking up on time, today he felt he could sleep forever..

    He rushed over to his dresser to get dressed, pulling out a plade madras áo sơ mi and dark sagging jeans witch had been his mother's brother'a when he...
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The cold wind swept past with a mighty roar. A robust warrior stands alone at the summit of the icy mountains of Gihndala. He holds a great axe, stained with the blood of many foes. Some of them fools, others honorable opponents. Yet it is this warrior who stands tall today, the chilling gusts seem to take no effect as he stands proudly on the mountain. His body muscular and full of scars that tell the tales of many furious battles. Yes, this is a hero even the gods would be proud of. But this story is not about this man. No, this story is about a different kind of hero.

Chapter One

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As he stepped threw the portal he was surprised, it wasn't some magical land as he was told. It was a forest, quite a beautiful one but never the less a forest. He and three other kids in his năm had travelled threw a portal from the realm of earth and this was the first thing they saw, miles and miles of evergreen trees. Only moments before that ahead his long Mất tích mother revealed to him and the world that magic exists, and that he Dexter is a wizard and is friend Abby is a fairy, his friend Lucas is a genie, and his other friend roxy is a elf. As the rest of there group stepped out of the...
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