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I like the idea of rebooting fantastic four because the first two phim chiếu rạp had roles that were miscasts and the một giây one was shitty kids pg rating so here is he actors/actresses for the new movie series which needs to be thêm violent and believable. Reed Richards/ Mr. Fantastic: Nathan Fillion he is currently playing lâu đài and has been rumored for quite a while to be playing Hank pym/ ant man but debunked it in an interview however reed Richards/mr fantastic is a very similar role and I think he would just kill it and look good doing it and do it better than the last guy who played him. Susan...
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posted by OLDlk1
An aged Marvelite sage các câu hỏi a mid life crisis.

So does getting back into comics mean I'm trying to reclaim my youth?

"No way!"

When people, especially men have a mid life crisis they do something really whacked like buy a big sports car hoặc try and fit back into a speedo.

A) While sports cars look cool they are too low to the ground for my taste with too many blind spots.

B) I NEVER looked good in a speedo


C) I go to the health club because I'm actualy concerned about my health!

So why the renewed interest in comics?

Blame the F.F. reboot.

It got me thinking how awesome "Rise of the Silver Surfer"...
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