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posted by DoctorSpud
 The little website that can and still is.
The little website that can and still is.
With fanpop at it's definite high with the (VERY) gần đây creation of it's own Wikipedia bài viết and it's change from beta to complete, I have decided that it is time to write about my own opinion of the site. Please read through and I hope bạn will all appreciate my review.
I'm not going to say that there's only one word to describe Fanpop. Because it's a website that dedicates itself to all types of things and people that can differentiate in many ways. And that's part of the greatness of it all. No matter who bạn are and what bạn love, it's impossible to not be able to talk about things...
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posted by Temptasia
 I can't control myself!
I can't control myself!
As I see it there are 3 levels of Fanpopage. In this soapbox I have defined these levels for my entertainment and hopefully yours too.
1. The Sometimes User- These are the users who get on 1-3 times a week mainly just to check messages and a few of their yêu thích spots. They don't spend enough time to add a whole lot of content (if any). The thêm avid users would say, "They just haven't be bitten bởi the fanpop bug yet."
2. The Devoted User- Those users who spend a few hours on fanpop everyday and add a fair amount of content. And while they are invested in Fanpop, they do have a life other than...
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Source: fanpop and well I only took the screencap
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posted by pumpkinqueen
Since some people seem to be asking this câu hỏi a lot, here is an easy step bởi step guide to making a club.

First, go to the hàng đầu, đầu trang of any page bạn are on. bạn will see the words fanpop! what are bạn a người hâm mộ of? bạn will have to click on it.

It will take bạn to the main page as shown below. Where bạn will see different topics being shown. If bạn look to your right, bạn will see the câu hỏi kiểm tra polls.

Just scroll down until bạn reach the bottom of the câu hỏi kiểm tra question, bạn will see a button that says Create a New Club Click it to continue.

It will take bạn to the club maker. Where bạn will...
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posted by DoctorSpud
 Don't write poorly on this bài viết hoặc a baby will be bitten somewhere!
Don't write poorly on this article or a baby will be bitten somewhere!

Yeah, you're like "OH MA GAWD fanpop IS ON DA WIKI!!!!!! MUST EDIT!!!!"
Please. NO. Don't. First off, this exact same bài viết has been deleted numerous times and this one may be short lived as well if bạn don't give NOTABLE info to it. nghề viết văn things like "LATINLOVER IS DA HOTTEST FANPOPPER" will not get us far. Here are some tips to keeping the bài viết on Wikipedia for good this time:

-Make the bài viết look authentic. Not being a Wikipedia wizz myself I had no idea how to add tables and the like to the article. If you're experienced at Wiki-ing it would be obliged very much if bạn give the...
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posted by rookyboy
Why do i tình yêu fanpop, i just don't know i find i hard to figure out and o my god i can't think. It must be somthing but what. I can't get it out of my mind. Well my first idea was that is could be some of the funny and brilliant video i watch, it could be. Was it the amazingly good soapbox's people take time to write, could be.

Hmmm i don't seem to be geting any further into understanding why i tình yêu fanpop, i still can't get it out of my mind. HELP!!! i keep thinking. Is it the funny and insightful các bình luận people take time to write, could be. Is it the forum's that we all play game's and...
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We all are really happy when we get huy chương for the spots. It shows that other people appreciate our contributions. So here are some advices of how to get a medal.
1) The most importante rule: don't get obssesed with getting a medal. Add just interesting things so people could like it! bạn add things to the spot for people not for medals. Medal is just a lovely surprise for your work!
2) Find spots bạn like.
3) Start contributing things on the spot.
4)You can get a medal if people rate your stuff. What can we rate? Right: videos, links, các bài viết and images.
5)Add interesting links, because if it's...
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posted by xxxlolalolitaa
Well im here to speak bout some guys who use this page to catch girls. This is a site where there are too many youngs peeps, so there are bad people trying to get naked pics from girls.
I have some users names that do that: devin437 hoặc 458, panthers17, christian11 hoặc james1337/shayan_alii/raging_bull999/
Dont belive these guys.

Girls be careful this kind of men, stay apart.
If anyone got thêm names just put in các bình luận so we can warn other girls. This is supposed to be a website for fans, not dangerous, so if thses guys bother u just báo cáo them and fanpop will remove them.
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posted by DrBsNumber1Fan
At the start of the game on the tiêu đề screen
Announcer: Welcome to fanpop Brawl! Click anywhere to continue.

Mode selection
Announcer: Select mode

Character menu
Announcer: Select characters (Announces characters' names and plays character dialogue when clicked on)

Dr Blowhole: Blowhole is back! Hahahahahahahahaha!
SpongeBob: I'm ready!
Gumball: Don't mess with the Wattersons!
Jake Long: Dragon up!
Skipper: bạn didn't see anything!
Classified: Nobody breaks the wind!
Dave: I have the power to destroy you!
Jessie: If anyone eyeballs me, they're going in the hole!
Ariana Grande: Let me hear you!
Annoying Orange:...
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posted by HannaK
When I first started on fanpop I didn't exactly know what fanpop really was, I just was on fanpop so I could see video of my favourite tv shows.
But then I noticed that bạn could do other things like answering picks and I started to do that.
Some picks made me laugh really hard, other made me think about things that I've never really thought about.
I did that for a while and it was (and still is) really fun to do and then I began to notice that when I couldn't sleep, hoặc just was bored, I was making picks in my head.

And then I had this brilliant idea (yes, I know, I'm a genius:D) that I could...
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