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Of course these user-names may already be taken. If so, then just add a number/nickname on the end. hoặc bạn can take some words, re-arrange and improvise:)
The ones with the * beside them are my favourites:)
Enjoy x
WoundedNight *
BloodyMascara *
BrokenAngel *
SoullessAngel *
HeartfeltSorrow *
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bạn all have probably gone to a fellow fanpopper's thông tin các nhân and wondered how they made it look to good. Some of us have no idea how to do it. I myself had to asked my amazing girlfriend (link) how she created hers. So, we came up with a great idea to write a how-to article. :D

You can make boring text interesting. :D

You can choose any country for the flag. :D

⊿ ⌔ ⌚ ■ □ ▲ △ ▶ ▷ ▽ ◀ ◁ ◆ ◇ ○ ● ◥ ◯ ☀ ☁ ☂ ★ ☆ ☉ ☎ ☏ ☕ ☖ ☮ ☹ ☺ ♀ ♂ ⚨ ✈ ✌ ✖ ✚ ✣ ❖❝ ❞ ❤ ❥ ❦ ⤴ ⤵ 〒 ﹋ ɣ...
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posted by caramelmilk
Breasts are pornographic and should only be shown on porn sites.

Girls must be careful when looking in the mirror, the sight of their own breasts could easily aruse them which in most cases leads to a heavy masturbatory response.

Knowing this we are sincerely happy that the danger that was the breasts spot has been deleted shortly after its creation.
Our thanks go to the Công chúa tóc xù những người hâm mộ who have reported that inspired-by-the-devil-spot and were not stopped bởi the fact that no pornograhpic material was allowed over there. They were not fooled bởi the image of it being a nice place devoted to a pretty...
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Okay, I know I haven't been the most active lately but I really feel like the abuse and bullying between members here is a real big push back for me. Every time I come on there is some sort of bullying happening in some spot. And I will be honest and say that it IS mainly the OTH type spots.

A perfect example of this? link. These các bình luận happened 2 hoặc so hours before I wrote this article, not months cách đây so it is a relevant thing. I don't care if bạn think I am pin pointing anyone because both sides in bullying count, not just the initiator.

"So look at what *name* said:

god she hates on people...
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Okay this soapbox sadly, is going to point fingers so people can learn from this. I don't like having to point fingers but it seems no one gets the message across if it isn't done.

What is bulk posting? It's when bạn post multiple things all at the same time. So when bạn do that the những từ khóa bạn give are going to be the same for every single thing bạn post.

Why do people bulk post? Well the excuse used can be "I want to share great content with others" but really it turns thêm into a quantity over quality.

Why is this harming keywords? When people bulk post they only put a general amount of keywords...
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I've been around a group where many people out of nowhere "call out" many other members of the website for behavior that existed OUTSIDE of Fanpop. I wanted to kindly suggest fanpop to add a rule but I've been personally attacked for it, including off topic disgusting claims which for example claim (maybe) I am for a "propaganda" that wants to violate children sexually (WTF!!!!!!), and this is depression. I had to xóa my tường post in order to xóa such disgusting comments. (which is another problem "not being able to xóa comments" under things I post.)
One of the most saddest things...
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Okay, first off, that tiêu đề is a lie.

Based on the way things are going with the new club update feature so far, I thought we could use some guidelines. These are not official, they are merely suggestions on how to decide on a new biểu tượng hoặc banner as a team. Only large các câu lạc bộ have the new suggestion options, so there are thousands of people there whose opinions count! (Not that smaller spots aren't valuable, bạn guys rock just as hard.) The suggested steps for changing a club's look are the same up until Step 3 for both large các câu lạc bộ with the new phiếu bầu feature, and smaller ones with user-run polls...
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posted by caramelmilk
or: "Basic information about removing your account"

Special thanks to link, our fanpop guinea pig. (or should I say lab rat?)

Removing your own account is a pretty new feature, many people may not be aware of it yet.
If bạn go to Edit Profile and scroll all the way down, you'll find:
If you'd like to remove your account, click here.

Now what does this mean?

If bạn xóa your account, bạn must know that:
Your contributions will not be deleted.

All your images, links, comments, diễn đàn posts, tường posts, các câu trả lời remain on fanpop, tiếp theo to your username.
If bạn click on that tên người dùng however, bạn will be...
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posted by Fitch
Please don't hate me. I know I shouldn't be wasting an bài viết không gian nghề viết văn this. I mean many people rated tp1992's bài viết low, but I wanted to take out my fustrations somewhere.
I just noticed today that in one of my favourite spots I am no longer number 1. I wouldn't be so bothered if it weren't for this:
Here's My Contributions:
Links- 3
Videos- 76
Images- 1172
Comments- 53
Forums- 54
Picks- 41
Quizzes- 10
Articles- 1

The other person's contribution:
Links- 0
Videos- 0
Images- 548
Comments- 205
Forums- 49
Picks- 0
Quizzes- 0
Articles- 0

This person uploaded pictures 2 days cách đây and they have been rated over...
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OK guys! Today we'll talk about ratings! Many of us contribute things to fanpop and it's great!!! Because we are working on it! We are looking for images, videos, đường dẫn to help other people! But it happens a lot that some people rate it low!!! bạn know it sucks when you've being searching for something, contributing it and HERE bạn ARE - bạn see one ngôi sao rating for all bạn did!!! I don't understsand such people. If bạn don't like the content DON'T rate it at all!!!! hoặc at least leave comments!!! Here's the example I uploaded hình ảnh on spot A. I did a great job looking for them! After I was waiting so they could đăng tải on Fanpop. And in an giờ I see one ngôi sao rating which means garbage!!! It is so insulting! I'm sure bạn guys had the same situaions. We can do nothing about it. But people, APPRECIATE other Fanpoppers. Don't visit the spots bạn hate, don't hurt people bạn hate, DON'T RATE LOW! Please, fanpop is one and there are a lot of us so let's live in peace:)
posted by want2watcheroes
50% of fanpoppers that took my pick 'Do bạn like the black background of fanpops homepage?' picked no.

I'm one of the fanpoppers that picked yes and i'll explain why.

The old background was okay, but its main màu sắc were blue and green; two màu sắc that don't go together. But the black background doesn't have any màu sắc that do not match.

The black background is easier on the eye, thêm stylish and makes bạn feel thêm relaxed. The old background seems thêm tacky.

I'm sure that homepage will change back to its old blue and green theme as fanpoppers think the black background is 'against the spirit...
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posted by Jonapello23
Okay, so Hulu has become a real problem recently, with misplaced videos. I know there is already an article. But I wanted to express my own views. Here are đường dẫn to misplaced videos. Get the Hulu user off of Fanpop!

Okay, so there are ten đường dẫn of misplaced videos. But thats nothing. Hulu has uploaded hundreds of videos, and many of them are misplaced. If bạn find a link to a misplaced video, put it in the comments. Maybe, just maybe, we can get rid of Hulu.
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posted by hm94991
 "Journeyman" video in the travel spot. *sigh* (image credit to Cinders)
"Journeyman" videos in the travel spot. *sigh* (image credit to Cinders)
Ok, this is getting a tweee bit ridiculous. And before I start off, I know this has been discussed before, I'm just refreshing everybody's mind.
Yesterday, I was fanpoping. I come across the link spot- And went to videos. link is what I saw. There were táo, apple pie video there. đã đệ trình bởi Hulu.
link are some hình ảnh bởi other fanpopers reporting this.

Hulu's video should NOT be done bởi a webcrawler. (or whatever bạn call it) Dave, either have a manual team do hulu's videos, hoặc dont do it at all.

EDIT: as amazondebs says in the comments, fanpop isen't even getting paid for hulu's videos. What is the purpose of having them here?

(Another) EDIT: thêm of this maddness. and in link spot!
posted by Temptasia
I feel like it is time that I tell bạn how much bạn all mean to me and how fanpop has changed my life. About a năm cách đây I became a stay-at-home mom. Which was really a blessing, however a huge stressor in my life was the fact that I had essentially no adult interaction during the ngày and no way of really feeling validated. I found fanpop one ngày while browsing for Office episodes online. I saw the picks and it looked so fun, that I just had to join! Since then I have spent hours everyday on Fanpop. It is my outlet for all the stresses of being a young mother who is nearly solely responsible...
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Im on fanpop everyday now, (like loads of other user' addicted!) I feel i have made a load of new friends, some a lot younger than me, some my own age and some slightly older. I would really like it if we could all use our own pictures as our icon's for a week hoặc so as i would tình yêu to put a face to all the username's. I know a lot of bạn do use your own picture so this is just for the people like me who don't.

While im here i would like to say a huge thank bạn to Dave, Papa, Micheal and Cliff for all your hard work and giving us an amazing website to visit everyday!

Will also thank all bạn user's.....Cressida, Kathiria, Megloveskyle, Harold, DrDevience, Benji and so many thêm of you! bạn guys rock and make fanpop such a good place to be! :)
 Welcome....To the world of PROPS!
Welcome....To the world of PROPS!

Certainly one of the minor mát, máy làm mát things about Fanpop. They allow users to add a prize alongside a message to Những người bạn in eight different and colorful little medals. Awesome, right?

And they are! But since I have to make everything over-complicated beyond belief, today I'm going to hiển thị bạn some statistics regarding the điểm thưởng System we know and love.

These statistics will SCIENTIFICALLY hiển thị bạn guys how often certain các điểm thưởng are picked, judging bởi my collection of props.

 My điểm thưởng Showcase :3 (WHICH IS ALREADY OUTDATED DAMN)
My điểm thưởng Showcase :3 (WHICH IS ALREADY OUTDATED DAMN)

Whether it be for popularity, aesthetic appeal, hoặc the điểm thưởng itself...
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posted by ToastedRabbits
The internet is losing the magical veil of interest it once held over you. You've been on all the really được ưa chuộng sites bạn already know about and have eventually grown board of them. Sure bạn type into your blog every now and then, but that's not enough to keep bạn online for thêm than ten minutes. After a while, bạn figure bạn might as well look for that episode of The Office bạn failed to record, and therefore missed last week.

You type the tiêu đề of the episode into Google and browse through the first couple đường dẫn that pop up. All of them are broken videos, hoặc they have very poor quality...
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posted by knifewrench
For quite a while I've been commenting on other people's picks and waiting for a reply, and refreshing the page, and refreshing the page, and refreshing the page, only to find that they haven't replied for 2 days and finally figure that they have probably gone on holiday hoặc actually have a life.

So I have thought up an idea to keep us aware of any các bình luận on our comments.... whatever; anyway I have thought up of a "keep me updated" button; this means that các bình luận appear in our update box as if we owned the content.

I like to post my ideas in an bài viết rather than a suggestions email because I like to see what my fellow những người hâm mộ think. If it's getting annoying I'll email bạn guys like everyone else does.
If your a người hâm mộ of:










HighFive / HI5 / H5

Scooter / ScooterPie









House MD:





EverybodyLies TAKEN

SteveMcqueen TAKEN



Grey's Anatomy:







Shaun of the Dead:








My Name Is Earl:










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Hello Fanpoppers. I know this bài viết is late but figured I should still post it in the event that I hit on something that hasn't been covered bởi one of your fellow fanpoppers in an earlier bài viết hoặc diễn đàn post (however unlikely that might be).

Here's a little bit of insight into some of the new things that bạn might have run into on fanpop in the past few weeks...

Video and image embeds
You can now embed a video hoặc image in your initial diễn đàn post (and all of the subsequent replies). Just look for the "add an image" hoặc "embed a video" link on the diễn đàn submission form. Each post is limited...
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