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RUNVS posted on Apr 30, 2013 at 09:15AM
I have done 2 nalu amv's with limited success and was trying to think of ideas for a battle type amv.

What I wanted to do is get some ideas on three things:

1) The song (sounds easy, but I think the music makes the whole thing)
2) What characters should be included
3) A story-line (if it even needs one)

Would appreciate your ideas, and it won't be made overnight but when I get the time I will be giving it a shot.

This is the link to the second nalu one I did a couple of days ago link , and if you look at the youtube channel you can find my first attempt, as you will see I am still not great but getting better everytime!

Cheers and I might do a full nalu one when I get some real energy around it!

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hơn một năm qua RUNVS said…
^^ someone must have some ideas, I have now decided on a title for the amv "Fairy War".
hơn một năm qua rteker said…
got a great idea for a FT AMV but i'm just a bit lazy to get around to doing it. see what you wanna do is see about music involving magic like Queens "A Kind of Magic' for example