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Writer/director Rodrigo García and stars Ethan Hawke, Ewan McGregor, Maribel Verdú and Sophie Okonedo discussed the film ‘Raymond & Ray’ at TIFF 2022.
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Ewan McGregor & Louise Germaine sex scene in Lipstick on your cổ áo 1993
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If bạn want to send him a letter we suggest bạn write to his agency:

Ewan McGregor
c/o PFD
Drury House
34-43 Russell Street
Luân Đôn WC2B 5HA

Here's what những người hâm mộ đã đưa ý kiến that tried this address:

Annie: "I have tried the người hâm mộ mail address before with ngôi sao Wars trading cads included and he signed them and sent them back. It took about a tháng hoặc so."

Tammy: "I sent a người hâm mộ letter to the address bạn danh sách and I received a pic with an autograph on it today. It took about 30-32 days for something to come back. Cute pic."
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Dream about Ewan McGregor
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Source: Ryan Pfluger / British GQ
Part Two: Ewan McGregor breaks down his most iconic characters, from Obi-Wan Kenobi in ngôi sao Wars and the spin-off series of the same name to Renton in Trainspotting, Emmit Stussy in Fargo and Christian in Moulin Rouge.
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