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This Ever After High bức ảnh contains anime, truyện tranh, phim hoạt hình, and manga.

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tranh sáng tạo của người hâm mộ drawing of Raven Queen & táo, apple White
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ever after high
fairy tale
raven Queen
táo, apple white
phim hoạt hình
Parent: Jack
Parent's Story: Jack and the Beanstalk
Roommate: Nina Thumbell
Secret Heart's Desire: To live life without limits! There's no beanstalk I can't climb hoặc giant I can't outrun!
My "Magic" Touch: My magic beans are perfect for a quick escape, especially from giants.
"Oh Curses!" Moment: Being fearless, sometimes I accidentally get my Những người bạn into scary situations.
yêu thích Subject: Grimmnastics. I'm trying to convince the school to introduce hextreme beanstalk climbing to the class.
Least yêu thích Subject: Mythmatics. I'm not real into hạt đậu, đậu counting.
Best Những người bạn Forever After: Darling Charming and Cerise mui xe are always up for an adventure
Parent: 12th Dancing Princess
Parent's Story: The Twelve Dancing Princesses
Powerful Qualities: Creative, Confident, Collaborative
Roommate: Ramona Badwolf
Secret Heart's Desire: After my story ends, I want to open a dance studio and direct my own shows and âm nhạc videos.
My "Magic" Touch: When I dance, people around me suddenly start dancing, too! I don't plan it, but it happens all the time!
Storybook Romance Status: I'm open to sharing the dancefloor, but he's got to be the right prince.
"Oh Curses!" Moment: Whenever I try being sneaky, I always get caught. It's all part of my destiny, though.
yêu thích Subject: Muse-ic class. I tình yêu being inspired bởi songs and imagining new routines in my head.
Least yêu thích Subject: Princessology. I may be a Royal, but I prefer classes that let me explore my creative side.
Best Những người bạn Forever After: Melody Piper always plays the best tunes, and I royally admire Duchess thiên nga for her dancing.
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cherise is the daughter of little red riding hood. but how can that explain her strange behavior? first she growled at daring chó sói, sói like. i would to with him being stuck up. but because she is suppose to be the tiếp theo little red riding mui xe that adds question. here are a few theory's. one, she may be a werewolf.(do not relate to monster high) two, her parents may have been the big bad chó sói, sói and little red riding hood. the big bad chó sói, sói might have been a werewolf and little red fell for him but didn't want anyone to know she was carrying the big bad wolfs baby. three, she is the big bad wolfs baby and little red took her in and claimed her as her own. i hope bạn enjoyed this. we will never know the truth until time tells.
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Parent: The White Rabbit
Parent's Story: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Powerful Qualities: Lucky, Dependable, Considerate
Roommate: Faybelle Thorn
Secret Heart's Desire: To be Wonderland's official tour guide. Everyone should know how hare-raisingly awesome it is.
My "Magic" Touch: I can change from a human to a rabbit and back again whenever I want!
Storybook Romance Status: I only have eyes for Alistair Wonderland. It's heartbreaking that he sees me as just a friend.
"Oh Curses!" Moment: Actually, I have no sense of direction. But I always arrive at my destination on time, so it's all good!
yêu thích Subject: Muse-ic. As royal herald, I tình yêu playing jazzy melodies on my horn.
Least yêu thích Subject: Geografairy. Who needs maps? Eventually you'll wind up exactly where you're supposed to be.
Best Những người bạn Forever After: All of us Wonderlandians stick together, but I'm closest to Alistair Wonderland and Lizzie Hearts.
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