Evanescence So this may be crazy

Myherobff posted on Nov 06, 2017 at 06:18PM
A couple years ago was the worst time of my life. My
Husband of 15 yrs cheated on me and abandoned me with
2 kids penniless. I was lost broken and hopeless. The kids
Were with my mom and I had a bottle of xanax and oxys in
Front of me convinced i was worthless and they were better
Off without me. Out of now where and not having spoke in
Days my friend Tyler just walks in my house takes one look
And flushed everything. He sat next to me and told me he
Would be by my side until he got me off my ass and
Reminded me how fabulous I was. He stayed and helped with
My kids for 3 weeks losing his job. The fun and love and
Energy her brought back to me is still with me and he is
Family forever now! (He's gay and 15 yrs younger so there
Were no ulterior motives) I'm now happy and doing great
And I wouldn't be on this planet or be a mom without him.
He has loved amy Lee forever. She's his favorite everything
Were going to her show in Chicago in November but we
VIP by seconds!!! Now my rock was devasted and it kills
Me! His dream come true wld be for her to sign his arm in
Sharpie so he could have it tattooed. He said I have always
Dreamed of seeing her in person she doesn't even have to
Talk to me! It seems her music saved him during his dark
Time. Can anyone help? Any suggestions on what to do?
I want to fill his world with light as he did for me. Please
Anything? I'm clueless and haven't been to many concerts

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