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 Just look at that face LOL – Liên minh huyền thoại
Just look at that face LOL
Ok I admit it I have a crush on a 2D character and do I care ah No I don’t because he is so gorgeous looking. Here are a few things why I think his hot.

#1 The voice: Zachary Levi has such a dreamy voice I could listen to him for days talking. His got a southern type voice.

#2 His witty: This guy has such a great sense of humour I laughed so hard every time he puts on his alter ego’s voice (Flynn Rider) and says hi how are bạn doing the name’s Flynn Rider so how’s your ngày so far huh’ LOL.The kinda reminds me of Jack Sparrow from POTC when his Flynn Rider meets the voice actor Zac Levi....
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posted by LisaForde2
 From this
From this

Hi everyone my name is Eugene Fitzherbert also known as Flynn Rider. As a child I wanted to be a thief as I grew up đọc sách featuring this character called Flanagan Rider(this is how I made up the name Flynn Rider as I got teased with my real name).When I was in my teens I stoled my first thing which was a diamond. I was Những người bạn with these two guys known as the stabbinton brothers who were nice but I always wanted to fit in. Years passed and I am now a 25 yr old handsome rogue thief who was about to steal a crown from the palace. ‘Guys I want a castle’ I đã đưa ý kiến to one of the...
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