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Do bạn agree with me?

In "Beautifully Broken" (season 3, episode 2), for the first time, Eric appears to be outwardly hiển thị (even if just slightly) that he has feelings towards Sookie.
When Eric is talking to Sookie on her porch:
Eric: "My loyalty is not to Bill; in fact it would be advantageous for me in numerous ways if he were never found. But..."
Sookie: "But...?"
Eric: "Now they're [werewolves] coming for bạn and I...owe you."
When Eric hesitates ("But...and I...owe you."), it appears like he is confused hoặc unsure of his motivation behind helping Sookie--almost like he doesn't understand what he is feeling. This goes back to his incredible line in season 2, "Don't use words [love] that I don't understand."
Do bạn agree with my interpretation of this scene? Thank you.
 Do bạn agree with me?
 BuffyAngel101 posted hơn một năm qua
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vampiregirl92 said:
I think he knows what he feels, and it annoys him. He's annoyed at himself for putting himself in danger and makeing himself weak for Sookie. Like he says it would be better if Bill was never found and yet he is helping Sookie look for him anyway despit the trouble he will get into and i think it he's just frustrated and doesn't want Sookie to know how he feels. But that's just me!
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posted hơn một năm qua 
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