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Questions & Answers:

Abridgements used:
SbE - Standard British English
SaE - Standard American English

Article - Me. I spent my time nghề viết văn this article, so please, if bạn use that on your website hoặc whatever, don't forget to provide the link to the source. hoặc credit me.
Pronunciation used - My voice
Definitons - oxford English Dictionary, me myself.

THAN/THEN Differences. It's bởi far the most common mistake that is known to me. Basically it happens just because than sounds exactly as is then on American English.
Now explaining both terms:
than: introducing the một giây element in a comparison...
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Traditionally,we use a dd-mm-yy form in UK:02-04-2020,yet due to constant Americanisation of British English,the American form: mm-dd-yy,or even the numerical ISO 8601 form: 2020-04-02 has also been used.
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