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Gleno77 posted on Oct 06, 2010 at 10:00AM
so many things i wanna say
yet i know not how
somany things i must express;
of witch gd time is now.

how to say what i feel
the words stuck in my throat
how to say what i want?
without a will to gloat.

how much i fucking love you
how much you fucking mean
how much i fucking want you
how fucking often of you i dream.

the day i first met you
the feelings were not there
but a chance i gave to love you
although my heart was already stripped bare.

my dreams became yours
your hobbies became mine
we became each other
and to me that was fine.

we had so much fun
or at least i did
i loved every minute
whos there to kid!?

but then one day things changed
the calls and messages stopped
you told me you felt different
it was then my heart first dropped.

my world crashed down violently
my eyes went all hazed
my heart pretty much stopped beating
my head was dizzy & dazed.

i had given you everything
my heart,my life, my soul
my entire body
the dice i had to roll.

you said u would love me endlessly
forever and a day
how you'd never again
with false love, these words you'd say

this cannot work,
you and me we've tried to many times
i wish it could, i wish it did
but it'd feel like crime.

all the best in your life
in things you do and say
i will miss you, thanks my love,
and now i bid thee a good day.

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