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Doctor Who
Doctor Who
amy pond
“She knows what happened!” Abby yelled. “Come on, we have to find that green wire before, I dunno, the PLANET explodes!”

Meanwhile, the Doctor was trying to prevent exactly that.
“Come ON, where are the bloody things?!” The Doctor roared. “I have to prevent this somehow, and it's too hard to find them! They SHOULD be out in the open! WHY ARE THEY TEASING ME LIKE THIS?!?!”

Okay, I know this is EXTREMELY short, but it needs needs NEEDS to go up now, because I'm absolutely positively STUCK. I know exactly how this will end, I know what the Doctor does, heck, I know the point of part 3! Problem it, I don't quite know how to write it. So, here's what I will do. bạn send me ideas in a PM (private message) and I'll pick a couple of them for the tiếp theo chapter! Oh, and if bạn can send me cake, I'll tell bạn what the deal is here. (Like, why everything that's happening is happening.

A tháng later, the TARDIS was drifting lazily around the galaxy.
In the kitchen, the Doctor and Amy, as well as Rory, Abby, Charlie, and Christian were sitting around the dining room table.
"I sort of feel bad." the Doctor đã đưa ý kiến finally.
"Why? bạn just killed an evil army of Daleks?" Charlie said.
"And a bunch of my computerized friends." the Doctor added sadly.
"Oh, shut up." Amy lightly punched him.
"Anyways." Abby got up from the bàn and left. Charlie got up to follow her. Amy stood, kissed the Doctor on the cheek (Rory looked pointedly away) and made to follow her daughter and her daughter's...
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He placed both of his hands on the side of my face and kissed me over and over again. I felt weak at the knees, i felt nervous kissing him. I know i've done it before, but it just feels so right this time. His lips left mine so he could say something to me, his hands slid off of my face and i stood beside him waiting for him to say something....

"You should probably be getting back to giường Pond" he whispered

"I don't want to..." i said

"Why not?" he asked


He was waiting for an answer he's always so impatient.....

"Yes? (!)" he asked

"Because Rory's snoring...again" i said

"Oh tell me about...
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So here is part two for ya'all. It's shorter than the last one but whatever. And I'm also thinking about making this fic longer than three parts. Enjoy! Warning: There is a tiny bit of Slash in this so if bạn don't like it blame Sophie!

“Amy how am I supposed to know what’s wrong with him. I’m a nurse, a human nurse. Not an alien medical expert!” Rory đã đưa ý kiến in a hushed tone as he spoke to Amy who had brought the doctor to the infirmary before coming to find him for his help. Help he wasn’t sure he could give.
“I know that Rory but look at him! Come on just examine him hoặc something...
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Everyone else seems to be nghề viết văn fanfic so I thought I'd give it ago. This is total crack!fic and inspired bởi late night a conversation with Kayleigh and Sophie, much as that that picture, I'm sure bởi now bạn have all seen of Pregnant!Eleven, was. So on with the show! Part 1 of ?

The doctor was pretty sure that he’d never seen as many pill bottles in his life. Goodness knows why Amy had so many stacked up in her bathroom in the TARDIS. He briefly wondered if she was secretly some mastermind drug lord using his time/space machine to deal out her drugs all over the galaxy, but he quickly discarded...
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Doctor Who
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Abby was shocked. “W-w-what?”
“My sonic, stupid. bạn stepped on it!” He picked it up. “Big bumbling buffoon.”
She gave him a cuff round the ears. Though her hand passed right through his head, Christian rubbed his ear. “Abby! What'd bạn do that for?”
“I didn't hit you!”
“Yes bạn did, look!” Christian's ear was turning a bright red.
“But that's not possible. My hand passed through you.”
“Not it didn't. If it had, I would have known.”
“CHRISTIAN! Bloody hell, Christian, we are hurtling towards a neutron star!”
Christian cursed quite loudly in French. “Why didn't...
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The results are in!

In first place, the boy name... CHRISTIAN!!!

That's going to be Abby's younger brother.

In một giây place... CHARLIE!!

Can bạn guess who that is? :O

The Doctor slipped out of the TARDIS- and walked right into Leonardo Da Vinci. “Excuse me, but can bạn tell me where I am?” he asked the Doctor.
“You are not going to like this.” The Doctor đã đưa ý kiến slowly. “You are not in your own time. bạn are nearly five hundred years in your future.”
“Oh.” Leo looked down, then back up. “I don't suppose... nah, they aren't good enough.”
“Your paintings?”...
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Here it is!

Would bạn like to say anything to the những người hâm mộ who voted for you? Like me, perhaps? :D
All I can say is, thanks for helping me through that spur of the moment fanfic that was Honeymoons. It's what got me here!

For those who don’t know bạn well, tell them something about yourself. (Can be anything)
Uh, I'm weird? I hit people with virtual rubber chickens, crash into walls ALL THE TIME (not just virtual ones either :])

What is it bạn tình yêu the most about 11 and Amy’s relationship?
It's just so... sweet. He wants her to be happy and she's happy with him, which makes him happy... Am I confusing...
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