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posted by Nicholasnatchio
I think Elektra was a fantastic movie but I would have prefferred to see her thêm in her costume being an assassin. I think the movie is based thêm in the later future not right away after she is ressurected because obviously she goes on to being an assassin a lot longer. but Her costume is great and her eyes and hair are perfect she looks like elektra and beside all that Shes SEXY. But the comics illustrated bởi Bill S are the best comics and I would like anyone who reads this to email me At Garnersai@hotmail.com to tell me about her what bạn like what bạn don't like in movie and in comic book of course what do bạn think about her costumes in the comics and in movie what bạn would prefer to see because I plan to do some work on this charecter for a better thêm realistic movie based on the những người hâm mộ bạn really only want the praise from the select group of people and those are the people who grew up đọc Elektra so email me