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posted by KopaKiaraKion
Other parts here: link, link

Sleek yellow-green fur. A curled leaf on his head. A flat, leaf-like tail. A quiet voice, belonging to Tundra. "Savannah?"
"Yeah sis?"
"Look down."
"You are joking right?"
He looked down anyway, and when he looked up, he seemed... much less happy. "You call this an evolution?!"
Leafeon! Leaf! Leafy!
"I look like I'm going to a clown show!"
Leeeaf! Leafeon!
"Woah," the kids spoke in chorus. "He looks so pretty!" Cara continued.
"Ugh, now they think I'm pretty? This is ridiculous!"
Leafeon! Leafee Leafeon!

All his brothers and sisters laughed. (Except Jewel and Moonbeam...
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posted by PokemonGXmaster
Horrors of the Halloween Night Series #1

The monster lady in the House

Drake Conner was a boy who was 12 years old. He lived in Atlanta, U.S.A. He was a seventh Grader and went to Conner Middle school. His Dad was the principal of the school. His mother was a zoologist and studied animals. She worked in the Mayville Research Centre for Zoology and she got $70,000 a month. Drake’s friend Dan lived tiếp theo door. He was 13 years old and studied in the same class. Then a few days later, Drake’s mother hired a maid to help her. vịt đực, drake thought this was really cool. That’s were all the...
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🐈Kopa was gone a long time, and he doesn't know everything we do. 🦁Sis, this is embarrassing! 🐅You think everything's embarrassing! Just let her talk. 🐈Thank you, Kion. Now, recently he made up a story about how the Eeveelutions came to be. 🐅And we wanted bạn guys to see it! 🐈So, enjoy the show!

In a faraway field untouched my mankind, there were 9 eggs. There were also 3 stones. 4 of the nine eggs hatched at the same time, and the first Eevees were created. Two boys and two girls. They all had names, but were unsure how they knew them. Sparks, Bubble, Ember, and...
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posted by michellegomez
7 eevees were hatched out of an egg.they purred as they went out slowly.rhey came out.they saw a little town called hearthome city.they all got there snack packs and went off to an adventure.they took there first step out.they ran.
a girl eevee called out "wait for me"!!!she tried to go faster and bumped into a......wait wtf was it?it had a câu hỏi mark a circle.the eevee screamed as it ran.then she was with the group.they walked along way.all they way to mt.cornet.they saw this snowing place.and then they saw they just walked by.then they saw this weird stone it was icey.The eevees...
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posted by KopaKiaraKion
Other parts here: link

The Eevee family trekked through many small towns, but found no stones. Still, Pixie and Sparks urged them on. Eventually, though, they came to a Nữ hoàng băng giá boulder that blocked their path and wouldn't move. If Moonbeam was angry, he was trying very hard to hide it as he sat down in front of the icy rock. Jewel finally spoke. "This isn't working. We can't get past this rock, so we should just turn around."
"Oh, come on, sis!" Pixie countered, "The rock is big, but it's no reason to stop trying."
Suddenly, tundra, đài nguyên turned with a shocked expression. "Pixie's right."
She climbed on...
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posted by michellegomez
OK!said all the eevees at once.but what is your name?Pikachu!the trainer Pikachu threw 7 pokeballs at once.i know i am only allowed to have five with me.said Pikachu giggling.i do not care come on all of you!pikachu was running all the way to littleroot town.she đã đưa ý kiến to her mom.
mom tell proffesor rowan i do not want any of his starter pokemon!tell him i am letting bạn have it!
ok sweetie.ok bye mom my adventure is gonna start!
ok come on little eevees.who wants to evolve?as Pikachu held up the thunder!yelled a boy pikachu.oh your a darling i think you'll tình yêu your new eeveelution!you...
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posted by PokemonGXmaster
Eevee evoloutions
Most people(well all people) know there are 7 evoloutions for eevee!Or is there? Glaceon is not an evoloution of eevee! This is because an eevee needs some kind of stone to evolve! Flareon:Fire stone, Vaporeon:Water stone, Jolteon:Thunder stone, Espeon:Moon stone(in ngày time) , Umbreon:Moon stone [in night] and Leafeon:Leaf stone! All these stones exist! But does an ice stone exist? No!!! In pokemon ngọn lửa, chữa cháy red, leaf green and waterblue version, there are only 3 evoloutions of eevee! thêm over, is eevee a legendry pokemon? All the status provs it is a very strong pokemon because in the game there is only one eevee, it has 6(or 7) evoloutions and much thêm skills. So I think yes. What do bạn think?