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Sleek yellow-green fur. A curled leaf on his head. A flat, leaf-like tail. A quiet voice, belonging to Tundra. "Savannah?"
"Yeah sis?"
"Look down."
"You are joking right?"
He looked down anyway, and when he looked up, he seemed... much less happy. "You call this an evolution?!"
Leafeon! Leaf! Leafy!
"I look like I'm going to a clown show!"
Leeeaf! Leafeon!
"Woah," the kids spoke in chorus. "He looks so pretty!" Cara continued.
"Ugh, now they think I'm pretty? This is ridiculous!"
Leafeon! Leafee Leafeon!

All his brothers and sisters laughed. (Except Jewel and Moonbeam...
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🐈Kopa was gone a long time, and he doesn't know everything we do. 🦁Sis, this is embarrassing! 🐅You think everything's embarrassing! Just let her talk. 🐈Thank you, Kion. Now, recently he made up a story about how the Eeveelutions came to be. 🐅And we wanted bạn guys to see it! 🐈So, enjoy the show!

In a faraway field untouched my mankind, there were 9 eggs. There were also 3 stones. 4 of the nine eggs hatched at the same time, and the first Eevees were created. Two boys and two girls. They all had names, but were unsure how they knew them. Sparks, Bubble, Ember, and...
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