Edward và Bella Renesmee "Nessie" Carlie Cullen

IHeartEdward195 posted on Aug 20, 2008 at 11:20AM
Are you glad Bella kept Nessie? Are you glad Jake's still in Bella + Nessie's life? When Bella gave Nessie in her locket, did you feel sad that Bella was going to give her up, or happy that it was Jake who was looking after her? Did you wonder what was in Nessie's locket? Well, i looked on the internet and more than my own life is:plus de ma propre vie, with i love you in front it's: je t'aime plus de ma propre vie.

What Do you think?

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hơn một năm qua IHeartEdward195 said…
i'm glad Bella kept Nessie. I'm glad Jake's still in their life too. I felt sad but glad when Bella gave Nessie up. Cause Jake was made for Nessie. The locket was sweet and i love the quote. x
hơn một năm qua bellamarieswan said…
yes i am because nessie is a very cute baby. she maybe half mortal and immortal but she is still the cutest because she looks like bella had before she became a vampire. and she looks like edward also