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Ed Sheeran Câu Hỏi

Fancy staying in a unique hotel before seeing Ed?

How would bạn like to stay in a unique Bubble Hotel at an event hoặc location of your choice?

Well, the UK’s leading hotel booking site, is giving bạn the chance to spend the night in their Bubble – in whatever UK spot bạn want. It could be at Reading, Leeds hoặc a festival in your back garden... the choice is yours!

And all bạn have to do to enter is tweet @LateRooms using ‪#‎LateRoomsBubble‬, saying which event you'd like to stay at, and the ngày it's happening. So get tweeting your requests – this truly is a room with a view!

For thêm info, click here: link.
 Brazen123 posted hơn một năm qua
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