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posted by 2ARI4
We can all just admit he's an AMAZING actor. I am not the type of person to cry in shows in less it involves death. But if Dylan is diễn xuất like he's hurt hoặc he's crying I honestly believe he is the actual character and ball my eyes out. I believe he is going to make it far in his diễn xuất career and ends up like Johnny Depp because so far he has impressed me.
The one scene in season 3 when he was the void. He is tied up and Melissa(Scott's Mom) is bởi him. He get's this look in his eyes of pain and sadness and bạn would believe that it was Stiles again. She takes the tape off then not even a...
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posted by ellieclegg
Dylan O' Brien is a funny , spirited character localy known on a new and poular tv hiển thị known as Teen chó sói, sói playing the best friend of a werewolf as Stiles.Dylan is a very good person , kind hearted someone who tries to stay out of trouble but tries to make people happy and bởi that he is a great man.People could think of him as a joker someone bạn could laugh with BUT ALSO HE HOLDS SECRETS !!! Aparently he has been crushing on the beautiful Selena Gomez he first met her at the Teen Choice Awards the public are wondering if Justin Bieber has some compotiton !!!Justin and Dylan may not have a lot in common but they are both drawn to Selenas powerfull hugs.so what we really want to know is what will Justin do about his new compotition and will selena fall for Dylan hhmm I guess we will just have to wait.