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This is the exact song I got in my head on the premiere of Blowhole Strikes Back. I also had a dream where Blowhole and I were hát this 2gether! That's why I'm officially making this his theme song!
dr blowhole
bạn make me feel
rắn hổ mang starship
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I thought my nightmare came alive
But thank goodness bạn survived
Cause if bạn didn't do that
I think I'd have a tim, trái tim attack

Dr Blowhole you're my bad guy
A young cá heo with a robot eye
You drive a Segway everywhere
But one night bạn were in my nightmare
The penguins hurt you
So bad bạn couldn't get up
I tried to save you
But the penguins turned on the self destruct

And then, they pulled me out of there
Leaving my villain on the floor
Yes you, couldn't make it out and bạn died in the crash

The lair blooooooOOOOOOoooowed
Moment after that bạn never shooooooooOOOOOOOooowed
I thought my nightmare came...
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(Private wasent born when this happened so thats why hes not in it)Skipper followed his leader willingly wanting his mission "Welcome Skipper I see bạn brought every one"said the chim cánh cụt on the screen "Yes Manfredi we're all here" đã đưa ý kiến Skipper "good" Manfredi replied as he turned on the Tv behind him "Now as bạn all know there is a new enemy he is the most dangerous of all but unfourtounately we know nothing about him" a sillohute of a chim cánh cụt showd on the screen with a câu hỏi mark " All we know is that his name is Dr.Blowhole, Skipper Im in trusting bạn to find out thêm about this enemy...
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Dr. Blowhole could never forget it.

What had his trainers been thinking, making him jump through fire? Surely they knew how stressful that was. Surely they knew he was, like all animals, instinctively afraid of fire?

Of course they knew. But they did it anyway. He had heard from the sea lions that the tourists were complaining about how boring the tricks he and his four podmates performed. They had wanted something daring and new!

They certainly got it.

It was during a night show. The lights had been shut off; the Ring of ngọn lửa, chữa cháy provided the only nguồn of light. The image had burned itself in his...
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