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posted by phelpsfanatic2
"CSI: NY: Bad Beat (#2.8)" (2005)
Detective Don Flack: bạn play poker?
Detective Stella Bonasera: Occasionally. Why? bạn got a problem with that?
Detective Don Flack: Yeah. You're physically incapable of keeping a straight face.
Detective Stella Bonasera: Really?
Detective Don Flack: Now, Mac. There's a man with a poker face. Who knows what he's thinking?

Detective Don Flack: [knocks on a man's door. A man opens it, standing in his underwear, drunk] Okay... nevermind, bạn just carry on with your thing...

Detective Don Flack: [Flack wakes up a women in the middle of the night]
Tired woman: Oh,...
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