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We are all entitled to our own opinions so here is mine if bạn agree with me great. If bạn don't that's not my problem. Just if bạn bình luận and bạn don't agree don't be mean. I have seen really mean các bình luận on here and it's a shame.

Alright here we go:

First of all the hunger games are fimed and they are aired on television. Divergent is not filmed hoặc aired on television.

Next technically the hunger games only its suppose to have ONE winner... They have let Katniss slide so much it's a bit sad that she loses everyone she cases about at the end of the story. Divergent is not necessarily a one...
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{This is just my opinion. I am sorry if I offend anyone. Also, there might be some cursing here, so do not read if bạn dislike cursing.}
{MAJOR Spoilers! Please do not read if bạn have not read Allegiant hoặc do not want spoilers!}

Allegiant. I honestly do not know where to start on this book. Might as well start from the very beginning.
A tired me was looking for something to read in the book store. I found the Divergent Box Set, and since my Những người bạn had constantly been chatting about how it's the 'new Hunger Games', I decided to give it a try. Divergent was the first book, I loved it. It was well-written,...
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So I am just going to give my opinion and write a bit about the Divergent series bởi Veronica Roth.

So first of all I would like to say that the series is very well written and includes lots of detail. What I don't like about the last book is that the chapters are not just about Tris but about Tobias and Tris. My yêu thích character is Tobias and as I đã đưa ý kiến in a phiếu bầu I would most like to spend a ngày with him!
I hate Jeanine Matthews and Peter Hayes as most people do and wish for them to be dead. Jeanine Matthews did die though. I tình yêu this series.
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'Cause we all expected THAT to go as planned. Clip from Fresh Movie Trailers @ YouTube.
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So, I’ve read these (amazing) sách and watched their trailers. The phim chiếu rạp look awesome but I feel like phim chiếu rạp are exaggerated WAY TOO MUCH!! Like, if bạn are going to take the time to call yourself a true fan, read the books!! Veronica Roth has made the beautiful creation that is what we call the Divergent Trilogy. Those are books. She didn’t however create the Divergent Movie Trilogy. Which as bạn would guess, are movies. I think that sách are sort of like the glue of most stories, series, trilogies, etc. But, I respect people who watch the phim chiếu rạp becsause some people have a hard time đọc hoặc don’t get enough time to. So whatever type of người hâm mộ bạn are, well done! And bởi the way, “You’re Abnegation is showing”. Lol
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