Những nàng công chúa Disney What do bạn think is the biggest reason that The Princess and The Frog wasn't as successful and được ưa chuộng as Disney hoped it would be? (add your own option)

Pick one:
Because it was about a black princess
Because of the complicated story
The whole Voo Doo religion controversy
It was trying too hard to be timeless
Because it was a 2-D animated film
The trailers were too vague to get people interested
Not Enough Strategic Marketing ( which was kinda...
Not Enough Strategic Marketing ( which was kinda OVERDONE in Frozen)
Added by iwasneverhere
Disney&# 39; s unrealistic expectations
Disney's unrealistic expectations
Added by UnholyNoise
Racial Stereotyping
Racial Stereotyping
Added by KandrakarWinx
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 KataraLover posted hơn một năm qua
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