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 The faces you've probably been making throughout my entire countdown...
The faces you've probably been making throughout my entire countdown...
OMG, this is THE most useless, boring and tacky countdown ever done on Fanpop. But I'm still finishing this because I spent a lot of time doing it. Anyway, this is the result of my Best Disney Princess Outfit Countdown. What I did was I first did số phiếu bầu to find the best 2 outfits from each DP. Then, I put them all together and did elimination. Since there were only 22 outfits at the start of the elimination rounds, I am only putting the places 22-1 in this countdown.

#22- Cinderella's Servant Outfit
Now, I was surprised this went so soon. I thought that people would get rid of some other dresses like Snow White's hoặc Merida's hoặc something, but apparently, I was wrong. I'm not too fond of this dress myself, but I didn't think it should go so soon.


"This is so meh." -randarful

"I don't know, I have a thing for servant dresses- I tình yêu Snow White's, too" -rhythmicmagic

#21- Pocahontas' Forest Dress without Necklace
This was the outfit I personally thought should've been #22, but it doesn't really matter since I think the dress is really prety, but without the chuỗi hạt, chuỗi hạt cườm it's a little too plain.


"I think the dress is better without the necklace."

"This outfit is too bland and simple without the necklace." -AprilGhost

#20- Merida's Dark Blue Dress With Cloak
There is some thảo luận whether this is a green hoặc bue dress, but I'm just going with blue because that's what I think it is. I really didn't see this coming either, I thought this was a nice dress even though I didn't really like Merida, but the other people didn't seem to think so.


"ehhh" -dclairmont

"I tình yêu cloaks! Even though this dress is really simple, I think it Luật sư đấu trí Merida very nicely! The color and the neckline are pretty too!"

#19- Merida's Dark Blue Dress
Both of Merida's dresses got eliminated back-to-back, I guess fanpop really hates her dresses. Anyway, like I said, this could be either a green hoặc blue dress. But I personally think it's blue.


"I tình yêu this dress it's so simple but pretty!"

"Just Go" -princecatcher93

#18- Belle's Blue and White Dress
I didn't think this would go so soon, considering the amount of positive các bình luận it had gotten. I'm okay in general with this dress, it Luật sư đấu trí Belle a lot.


"As I đã đưa ý kiến before, there's nothing special about it. " -MissAngelPaws

"I tình yêu this dress." -anonheart998

#17- Ariel's Blue Dress
I really think that gigantic bow in her hair messed up the dress. The dress looks too small for Ariel after bạn see that huge bow. But it is still a nice dress, minus that huge bow.


"It's too plain" -Beastlysoul25

"Amazing color and style and I tình yêu how the váy flows! Not to mention, the hairstyle is really cute. I don't mind the bow." -shanyuisboss

#16- Jasmine's Red Slave Outfit
This outfit is nice, and the colour Luật sư đấu trí hoa nhài better, but somehow it doesn't look quite right on hoa nhài IMO.


"Too skimpy, even if the color Luật sư đấu trí her thêm than aqua." -AudreyFreak

"This one is the best! Sexy and hot! No sleeves either. XD" -LightningRed

#15- Rapunzel's Purple Dress
Throughout the movie, this dress did look very uncomfortable, but I would've thought it could make it really close to the hàng đầu, đầu trang 10.


"One word: MARKETING. They purposely made it look like a costume! It's pretty but yes, it does look just like a polyester children's costume. the color Luật sư đấu trí her but... eh. it's also weirdly small. if she sews, knows how to make dresses and has all the time in the world you'd think she'd have made herself one to fit her."

"Her outfits are kind of bland, but this one looks nice" -Jayden-G

#14- Ariel's Blue Sparkly Dress
This is my personal favourite Ariel outfit, but the first moments it looks stunning, after a while it just loses its beauty. Still my fave Ariel outfit though.


"OVERRATED" -rapunzelflynn33

"It's gorgeous" -KataraLover

#13- Rapunzel's màu hồng, hồng and Purple Dress
Who shall stand on the position of the unlucky number but Rapunzel's princess dress. I'm kidding, I'm not superstitious but I was surprised that it didn't make it into the hàng đầu, đầu trang 10. But I wasn't really THAT surprised, because it really isn't super-pretty anyway. It was a lot better than her normal dress, though.


"This is pretty, but it isn't very unique and the color is a tad plain." -MalloMar

"Very pretty dress <3" -sweetie-94

#12- Jasmine's Purple End Outfit
I wish she wore this one more, it looked gorgeous on her, but because of the lack of screen time, I almost forgot about it.


"Jasmine's clothes are nice, but I'm not wild about this outfit. I do like the see through part, though." -MalloMar

"This is the only one i really like." -starlight77

#11- Snow White's Blue and vàng dress with Cape
I didn't think this one should've been eliminated before the one without the cape, but I was glad it didn't go any farther.


"bleh." -dclairmont

"I tình yêu this dress!" -Maplefrost

~Top Ten~

#10- Snow White's Blue and vàng Dress
I've really nothing to say, but lots of people didn't like it because it was too childish, the colours were bad, the sleeves were weird, etc. Like Merida, Snow White's dresses were eliminated back-to-back and yeah....


"Colours don't really go, and I have always hated that cổ áo thing" -Flutey_Girl96

"So pretty and classic!" -MalloMar

#9- Pocahontas' Forest Dress
I thought this was a very nice dress but it is kinda plain.... the chuỗi hạt, chuỗi hạt cườm makes all the difference, too.


"Nice one shoulder cut, but otherwise plain."

"The chuỗi hạt, chuỗi hạt cườm seriously makes all the difference"

#8- Mulan's Blue and Navy Dress
Yes, this dress Luật sư đấu trí Mulan a LOT better than her matchmaker one, yet it gets eliminated first. Honestly, I like Mulan's matchmaker dress better than this dress, but if we're talking which one Luật sư đấu trí Mulan better, I'd choose this in a heartbeat.


"I prefer her màu hồng, hồng dress" -Popcornfan

"It Luật sư đấu trí her perfectly." -KataraLover

#7- Mulan's Matchmaker Dress
As đã đưa ý kiến before, this dress is very pretty, but does it suit Mulan? Errrrr, no....


"It looks very beautiful on her." -MissAngelPaws

"This dress just doesn't work on her. There's even an entire song about how it doesn't represent her personality." -MaidofOrleans

#6- Belle's vàng Ballgown
This is no doubt my favourite DP outfit. Most of the people don't agree, saying it's too overrated, too big, it's like a cake, etc. And all of that is true, but it's still my favourite for some reason.


"So overrated." -princecatcher93

"Stunning!" -LightningRed

#5- Aurora's Blue Gown
This is a gorgeous dress, but after a while it starts to look a little... plain? I don't know, but I personally think màu hồng, hồng Luật sư đấu trí her better.


"I don't know about, tiếp theo the other others...is sucks." -princecatcher93

"Aurora's blue ballgown is the best DP ballgown!"

#4-Aurora's Peasant Dress
I have no các bình luận about this dress, so don't judge me. I don't dislike it, but I'm not extremely fond of it either. I think it got a fair place on this list. Though some feel it should be even higher.


"I've always liked this dress." -AprilGhost

"Now this dress, this is ugly." -Beastlysoul25

#3- Tiana's Green Wedding Dress
I never really understood why they franchised her in this dress and not the blue one. That dress is so much better. But nevertheless, this dress is pretty but way, too, big. But it's thêm interesting than that of Cindy's ballgown so I did choose Cindy's dress over this one in terms of which one is worse.


"Tiana's dress just looks like a ball of lettuce."

"So beautifully GORGEOUS! I also tình yêu her white wedding dress and white dream dress. :D Tiana's outfits are all nice though." -LightningRed

#2- Cinderella's Silver Ballgown
Probably the most iconic outfit in Disney history, male hoặc female. Not to mension the transformation into this dress was Walt Disney's favourite scene. It did deserve a ver high placement, but I did like the #1 more.


"As I đã đưa ý kiến before, the color and sparkles are gorgeous, the poofy things not so much."

"My yêu thích Disney outfit!" -LibelluleBleu

#1- Tiana's Borrowed Blue Dress
I really didn't expect this to win, but I was glad it did. It's nice to see that Tiana finally gets some recognition. Of course, some felt that this dress wasn't as good as Cinderella's and the most iconic Disneyoutfit has OUGHT to win, but in the end, well, I gues this dress just gets thêm love.


"This one is so beautiful <3" -sweetie-94

"I don't like the bow on the bottom" -starlight77

Thanks for participating, commenting and voting! And most of all, thanks for đọc this article!
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 Hello Merida.
Hello Merida.
Since I had watched both movies, here are my thoughts on both phim chiếu rạp since they're both Celtic and centres around motherly love.

Quest for Camelot

I started watching this film back in 2007, and I was quite amazed that the song 'The Prayer' because I did not know that this song was originally from this movie! The story-line was just like our typical Disney Princess movie but overall, I feel bad for Garrett and I'm glad that the movie shows thêm sympathy for him.
The songs reminded of the Lion King where we have an antagonist having their own theme song and a song for the main character as sung...
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A Disney Tale: A young princess narrowly avoids death on the command of her evil stepmother. She shacks up with a group of mining dwarves but the stepmother finds her and puts her to sleep with a poisoned apple. The dwarves put her inside a glass coffin until a prince comes and kisses her, releasing her from the spell to live happily ever after.

Disney Heroine: Snow White is the first Disney princess, but having viewed this around the same time as Lọ lem and Sleeping Beauty (my daughter is going through a Disney Princess phase) I would argue that those princesses are what we think of when...
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 The one that started it all!
The one that started it all!
Finally, after my European coverage made it to the front page of Fanpop. Here are the delegates from the Americas and my final opinion on my favourite Let It Go rendition!

English (Voice Actress: Idina Menzel)

The original version that started it all! I started to know Idina in Disney's Chuyện thần tiên ở New York and from what I've heard is that there was a 'deleted' song written especially for her in that movie, I was really disappointed that it did not make it to the final cut.
Then, my younger brother got the original Broadway cast of Wicked and I was blown away bởi Idina's rendition of Defying Gravity and...
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