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posted by Candy77019
I was out hiking in the woods with a few Những người bạn of mine, when we all got Mất tích and accidentally chẻ, phân chia, split up. Unfortunately, I got myself into the middle of the forest, and now I have NO idea how to get home.
For about an giờ hoặc so, I sat on a stump, praying that my Những người bạn would find a chopper and pick me up.
Pfft. Some Những người bạn I have.
Suddenly, a dark figure was walking toward me. She had beautiful, long black hair, and was wearing a váy that went over her knees--bad clothing for the forest.
I took my notepad out of my backpack and set it on my knees.

Me: You're Pocahontas, right?

Pocahontas: *nodding* Yes. Are bạn lost?

Me: *sighing* Yes, but I don't want to waste time. Do bạn mind if I interview you?

Pocahontas: *sitting down on the ground* Sure bạn can.

Me: *flipping through notepad* From my research, I hear that bạn like jumping off cliffs. Are bạn suicidal?

Pocahontas: *gaping* No, never! I jump for the fun of it. I tình yêu the wind in my hair!

Me: If bạn hadn't gotten married, would bạn consider being a daredevil?

Pocahontas: Well, my father won't allow it.

Me: *writing* Ooh, you're a daddy's girl, aren't you?

Pocahontas: Of course. I tình yêu my father very much.

Me: *scoffs* I barely see mine.

Pocahontas: *clicking tongue* That's sad.

Me: Why did bạn marry John Rolfe when it was JOHN SMITH whom bạn fell in tình yêu with?

Pocahontas: I guess things change.

Me: But why would bạn leave a hot, blonde man that loves the thrill of adventure for a goody-two-shoes?

Pocahontas: It's hard to understand. Sometimes bạn tình yêu someone, but then bạn meet someone else and tình yêu them even MORE.

Me: *muttering* Glad I'm not in a relationship.

Pocahontas: bạn don't believe in the power of love?

Me: No....

Pocahontas: *grabbing me bởi the shoulders and starts to shake me* Are bạn MAD? There's nothing thêm powerful than LOVE!

Me: *screaming* WHY ARE bạn SHAKING ME?!

Pocahontas: *letting go* Sorry, sometimes I go so overboard, I hardly notice.

Me: *glaring* Do the other princesses ever visit bạn here?

Pocahontas: Well, the only one who's ever visited me here was Mulan, because she wanted to be in a peaceful place for her fighting.

Me: Are bạn ever jealous of the other princesses because they have a house and bạn don't?

Pocahontas: *shaking head* Nope. I'm perfectly happy right now.

Me: Wow. I can NOT be happy living out in the woods.

Pocahontas: *frowning* Why not? The forest is very beautiful.

Me: How could bạn stand the chịu, gấu droppings all around? And how bạn don't have a bathroom? And what about those freaky demon squirrels who watch bạn when bạn sleep?

Pocahontas: bạn watch too many scary movies, don't you?

Me: Yes, yes I do. Would bạn ever agree if someone called bạn a hippie?

Pocahontas: Well, yes, because hippies believe in peace and so do I.

Me: bởi far, you're the hippiest princess ever.

Pocahontas: Why, thank you.

Me: That wasn't a compliment.

Pocahontas: *starting to walk away* Good luck getting out of here.

Jeez, was it something that I said? These princesses need a reality check, like pronto.

bình luận if bạn want more!! :D
posted by emerald_32
 Once the fog has lifted, you'll see the light, and everything will be different.
Once the fog has lifted, you'll see the light, and everything will be different.
I know that I'm not really active in this club, but I feel the need to write down an bài viết about the gần đây events and tragedies in this club, such as the trolls, a certain member leaving and etc.
Alright, enough of that dumb introduction. Let's get started.

In the few months I've been in this club (*cough* December and January *cough*), I've seen the active members of this club being trolled. Those trolls have repeatedly spammed their walls and đã đăng posts against the user(s). An example is StacytheStrange, the one who trolled MacytheStrange. She spammed Macy's tường with, "You're a stupid...
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Everyone was speechless. The guests stared at the open door, the one Elsa had fled through and the blizzard that was already raging out there.

"But.... but it's summer..." One dignitary mumbled.

Anna started to feel really cold. Either Elsa's curse was actually coming true, hoặc it's just the wind from the blizzard. But if the curse does come true, Anna needs to reverse it. She ran over to the broken pieces of the crown and gathered them in her skirt. She counted the pieces. Eight. The crown was in 8 pieces.

Anna knew there was only one solution. She had to travel to the magical trolls that she...
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Pocahontas excitedly continued to climb the cây as Mulan and Merida reluctantly followed. Mulan had to be careful because of the baby. "We're almost there!" Pocahontas called. "Thank goodness!" Mulan đã đưa ý kiến breathlessly. "Are bạn alright, Lass?" Merida asked. "Oh, I'm fine." Mulan answered. "We're here!" Pocahontas called again. She helped Mulan and Merida up into the "sacred place" up in the tall oak tree.

"Look closely." she instructed. "Nothing's happening." Mulan replied. "Look with your heart." Pocahontas stated. Mulan and Merida looked a the cây again. Suddenly, a face appeared! Mulan...
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added by dee389
This scene has always chill me!
I don't know if bạn guys are into twilight and stuff but this video was epic so I just had to share it.
added by AcidBanter
credit: sweetkagome55@youtube
âm nhạc video
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Britney Spears
This video is not mine! Credit: Disney.
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posted by Swanpride
When I chose the “musical moments” I tried my best to take scores from moments, in which the âm nhạc moves out of the background and which I didn’t already include in another list. If bạn think I overlooked one which bạn consider better, I apologize, I tried to go for the ones which are memorable.

10.Aladdin: And boy, was that difficult for “Aladdin”. After hearing the score again and again and again, I finally settled for “The Battle Theme” over “To be free”, because “To be free” is, as far as I remember, only played in the background. That I even had so much trouble to...
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 BB2010, our march FOTM!
BB2010, our march FOTM!
Sorry for taking so long to post this.

1. First, congrats for being the FOTM! How do bạn feel?
Honestly....shocked. I mean I've been hoping to become FOTM for some time now but I never thought I actually deserved it since I only put up picks and tường posts. Thanks to all the people who voted for me. :)

2. Why do bạn think people voted for you?
Because they're crazy? haha but seriously, I guess it's because of all my picks. I mean the FOTM is chosen based on contributions afterall

3. What is your yêu thích part of the spot? The wall, the diễn đàn hoặc the picks?
Pretty much the wall, forum, and the picks...
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posted by prussiaducky
 bạn know bạn want some
You know you want some
Kk, so much *becomes Jane* HULLABALOO be going on. And as da detective con vịt, vịt I am, I shall try my best to piece all of this information together.


Okay, so this all started last night, around 8:00PM eastern time. Last night was also when the supposed culprit also created an account.


So relationships to my dear friend Jennifer (aka THEDisneyfreak). FabulousDisney does not seem close to Jennifer, and thêm of a passerby who admires her awesomeness from far away. How do I know this? She đã bình luận on a diễn đàn and seemed...
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posted by prussiaducky
Natasha is totes clean now, she was being posed bởi the master mind as well.

My SINCEREST apologies dude, I was being dumb and I couldn't think straight. I hope bạn forgive me and I seriously hope I can be your friend.

So, please report:


They are obvious copy accounts.

We have a real master mind in our clutches, this person was seemingly simple until I realized that they kept sending us small little notes to stray us off and I created a story using all of the pieces. They knew when to create the accounts at the right times, and somehow totes messed my swag doh don'tkillmeIdidn'tmeantousethatword

So, this person is totally messing up our groove. Wants us to get paranoid, and I feel as if we (and me lol) should not be pointing fingers at anyone.

Anyways, DA con vịt, vịt HAS NO thêm LEADS! But I shall tell y'all childz, I will find this person, IF IT BE DA LAST THING I DO.

*cues kuzco's theme song guy* WHATS HER NAME?! con vịt, vịt DETECTIVEEE
Lọ Lem (2015)
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fairy godmother
lady tremaine
added by chameron4eva
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Cinderella: Lily James "Cinderella" First Official Movie Interview
Những nàng công chúa Disney
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lily james
lily james interview
posted by misscindyspice
 I wanna paint on my walls! D: I'm sure there's room!
I wanna paint on my walls! D: I'm sure there's room!
I saw Emmalou13 and dimitri_ do this, and I just had to do it as well! So enjoy!

1. I would change my name to Elsa
I have been obsessed with this name ever since I first heard about Frozen. It's just so pretty, and it would sound really good with my middle and last name :)

2. I would have Rapunzel's painting skills
Or, like her everything skills, because she's so good at everything. But mostly painting, that would be great. hoặc her cookie making skills, those look absolutely delicious.

3. I would want Tiana's mom
She seems so supportive of Tiana. Beside's, she's an epic dressmaker!

4. I would want...
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The Italian version enjoy!
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added by SweetPea2007
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