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courtney7488 posted on Mar 06, 2010 at 05:04AM
We have many great fans on the Disney Princess spot, and it is time to honor the fans for their contributions.

Since this is a new thing, we will begin with the suggestions of categories. Once we have a decent amount of categories, we can then move on the nominations. The nominations will be posted in picks, and, eventually, we will have a a winner for each category. Each winner will have something posted here to honor their win (what that something is, I have not figured out yet, so please make suggestions).

Picks: princesslullaby
Pick Series: dweeb
Countdown Picks: princesslullaby
Forums: courtney7488
Articles: alafastanzio
Fanart: alafastanzio
Icons: princesslullaby

Who is the... ?
Friendliest Fan: AllegroGiocoso
Most Helpful Fan: AllegroGiocoso
Most Creative Fan

What is the best...? (specify individual picks, forums, etc.)

Countdown Pick
Countdown Article

This is all I can think of for now. Please add more categories!
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