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 Wish I could be a Disney prince(yes I'm using a line from Part of Your World)
Wish I could be a disney prince(yes I'm using a line from Part of Your World)
So I made my yêu thích danh sách and I thought I might as well make a most handsome list. I'm a guy so it's kind of difficult for me to talk about guys looks. If only I was as good at talking about guys looks as girls on fanpop are with girls. Anyway bình luận telling me what bạn think.

I know I'm going to get attacked for this but I actually think he's really ugly. He's a good character but I just find him ugly. His eyes are too small and weird looking. His nose is strange and his lips look weird. I don't like his hair, I know it's traditional but I think it looks stupid. His smile looks...
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House of chuột theater
Burbank, CA

Rodger and Hammerstein's The Sound of Music


Directors: Mickey chuột and Donald Duck
Producer: Minnie Mouse
Costume design: giống cúc, daisy Duck
Stage Technician: Horace Horsecollar
Props: Goofy
Stage Production: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Ortensia
Stage Make-up: Clarabelle Cow
Lyrics and Songs written by: Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II

[/b]Story based on:[/b] The autobiography of Maria Von Trapp, the German 1955 film, the 1957 play, and the 1965 film.


Belle............................................Fraulein Maria
Beast/Adam............Captain Georg Von...
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Hi everyone. So I´ve already made my prettiest princesses list, but every princess needs her own handsome prince, so without further ado here´s my Most Handsome Princes List. bởi the way as with my prettiest princess list, I might change my mind later, and also I´ll like to say that this danh sách doesn´t include sequels (you´ll see what I mean later on).

10.Prince Charming
Funny that he should be in the last place of this countdown, considering Lọ lem is one of my yêu thích Disney movies, but I just find him to plain, I mean he´s not ugly, but there´s just nothing remarkable about him. He...
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I feel kind of weird making this bài viết but oh well, as long as I keep some of bạn entertained. I didn't take looks and how much I tình yêu their character into consideration. I care thêm for personality but obviously, I couldn't be with someone that I don't find the least bit attractive. I think they're all decent looking, better than the average man so it's really who I think are ''husband material''.

10. John Smith
He doesn't look like he's got a mind of his own, he'll just agree with everything I say without really understanding me. I usually like people who just speak up their mind,...
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