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Disney Extended Princess Câu Hỏi

Can sum1 fill me in on all that apply as extended princesses? Who is who and possibly pics so I understand all this?

 General_Bardock posted hơn một năm qua
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Disney Extended Princess Các Câu Trả Lời

Elemental-Aura said:
I will give all the Disney 2D animated women that can fit into this link the "Disney Extended Princess" there is
Giselle (Enchanted)
Alice (1950 Alice in Wonderland)
Esmeralda (Hunchback of Notre Dame)
Meg (Hercules)
Jane (Tarzan)
Kida (Atlantis: The Mất tích Empire)
Eilonwy (the black cauldron)
Maid Marion (robin hood)
Sally(nightmare before christmas)

Melody (the little mermaid 2) [ariel's daughter]
Lilo (lilo and stich)
Roxanne (a goofy movie)
Captain Amelia (treasure planet)
Jessica Rabbit (who framed Rodger rabbit)
tinkerbell (Peter Pan/Tinkerbell)[but she should no longer be here, now that she has her own franchise] (Disney Fairies)

Disney princess close friends/others
món ăn bơm xen, charlotte (Princess and the frog)
Nakoma (Pocahontas)
Nita (Brother chịu, gấu 2)
Princess Ting Ting, Mei, Su(Mulan 2)

ti vi series (popularity thing)
Malina (The Emperor's New School)
Kim Possible (Kim possible
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posted hơn một năm qua 
thanks for the info
General_Bardock posted hơn một năm qua
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