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posted by HorrorFan101
The sound of the door shutting was something both of them wanted to hear. Sam had left to follow up the most urgent lead on their present hunt. Dean felt his spine shiver slightly as he realised this was what he had been waiting for; he was alone with Cas.
Dean threw his father’s journal onto the giường he and Cas were both stood tiếp theo to and ran a hand through his hair as he sighed. Cas looked at him inquisitively, as if trying to read Dean’s exact thoughts and not quite being able to.
“Cas, I –” Dean began. He didn’t know how to say this. This could be the beginning of something....
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posted by lilred96
bởi Sarahsigma907

This morning was pretty much was like every other morning for Dean Winchester.
Sam walked into the small motel room and kicked the side of Dean's bed.
"Dean! Hey! Wake up!"
Dean rolled over in his small,twin giường with itchy sheets toward Sam. He was sitting on his giường that his feet always hung over on.
"What? Dammit that was not four hours Sam."
"Garth wants us to check on a hunter friend in California. He's in a small town in California called Avery. He hasn't been answering anyones calls. Its about nine hours away so we better get going."
"Fine." Dean said.
Dean was too tired...
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I only started watching Supernatural in the last few weeks, in that time I have rapidly become addicted and become a rabid destiel fan.

What drew me to destiel was that for once what was being depicted was love, actual epic pure tình yêu between two males, it was subtle, a undercurrent, but it was there, and every once in a while it exploded, usually when cas becomes emotional which is rare, and tells dean what he has done for him, even if he doesn’t add a explanation such as “because I tình yêu you" on the end, its pretty obvious that is why he is doing it.

Think I'm wrong? Well think of it this...
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